Girls having bend over stomach holding pain

I really get turned on sexually by seeing pretty girls bent over either standing on their feet or on their knees doubled over and either clutching, cradling, hugging or holding their cramping, aching, hurting and throbbing stomachs, tummies, bellies and abdomens in pain. The sights, sounds (gasping, retching, whimpering,) body language and words "My stomach!", "Its my stomach!", "My stomach is killing me!", "My stomach hurts!" "I have real bad stomach cramps!", "My tummy hurts", "My belly is aching!" "My guts are cramping!" "Uuunnggh!", "Mmmmppphh!", "Nnnngghh!".

Especially when wearing short, plaid-pleated skirts or mid thigh length or mini dresses and white cotton panties.

And the pain doesn't have to be real, either. If the girl/woman is at least a halfway decent actress. Soooo hot, how it looks and sounds Stomach pain on pretty girls and hot women! That bend over stomach holding!!!

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  • I like seeing hot girls doubled over in belly acing pain too. Gets my hard af just thinking about it.

  • How strange. But I guess it takes all sorts. Find a nice girl. She wears a short skirt and you punch her in the gut. Each to their own I guess

  • God hope some day you experience menstrual cramps as some women do when it's really bad it's like giving birth to a 15 pound baby. I hope some day someone hauls off and punches you in the abdomen so hard it makes you bend over holding your abdomen and screaming out in pain then you'll know.

  • Won't happen. Keep hoping tho.

  • You'll laugh even harder after you give some dame a belly punch & watch the same happen. We were at this party once & this girl even barfed her beer after bending over in pain.

  • It's sexually arousing for me.....not humorous.

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