I have what might be considered a “niche” fetish

I have a fetish that doesn’t seem too common, and it’s pretty tame compared to the other uncommon fetishes out there. I love girls’ stomachs. I don’t know why, but they just look HOT. I mean, a nice, soft, flat stomach just really turns me on and makes me want to worship it, kiss it, rub it, etc. The thing is though, this is REALLY amplified when a girl’s stomach starts to bloat and balloons out from her clothes. I’m not even into BBWs at all, just nice lean girls with big round bellies, whether it’s from being overstuffed with food, inflated by air/water, or just pregnant. I’m a bit embarrassed about the bloating part of my fetish, but I don’t mind the regular stomach part at all. Anyone have a similar fetish? What do you think of it?



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  • I saw you on SimplyConfess F*** u

  • I'm into that also. But because my older sis and I would (and still do) fool around and she let me f*** her but I have to pull out and c** on her belly.

    Sis is chunky, and I've do for so long I get turned on when I see a womans belly.

    I was 15 when we started sis was 22. Now 35 and 42. We live together f*** most days.

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