Caitlyn Jenner

I love Caitlyn Jenner so much it hurts.

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  • Such transphobic hate on this thread. So sad.

  • And rightly so!!!!!
    They are freaks,abominations and just seedy perverts!!!
    Absolutely disgusting creatures.😠

  • Actually very desirable and beautiful creatures!

  • Taylor Swift has all our sympathies now that 'unkimpt kar-trashy-an' outright outundid herself this time.

  • Sesame Street's Oscar The Grouch, who lives in a trash can, just might want to update his song 'I Love Trash' to include lyrics about the 'kar-trashy-ans' and 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn' as part of his collection of trash.

  • "just look at those pathetic 'kar-trashy-ans' and 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn', dirrrrty!!"

  • 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn' and the 'kar-trashy-ans' are as comparable as 76 ford pinto, 76 amc gremlin, 76 amc hornet, 76 amc pacer, 76 amc matador, all shoved up a jiffy-lube grease pit.

  • Here, you do the math, 'kar-trashy-ans' + 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn' = puke!

  • As 'kar-bash-ians', we all agree with that math equation.

  • Yes, that's right, here's some more math, bruce jenner + caitlyn jenner = 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn'.

  • The kardashians are such "kar-trash-ians", it's no wonder they've made such "kar-bash-ians" out of all of us.

  • What "cjbaerinu tncleeyrn" wears under "its" clothes are "its" "pjaonct", "kisetsrba" and "rpa".

  • More math for 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn' and the 'kar-trashy-ans', panties + jackstrap + bra = 'pjaonct' + 'kisetsrba' + 'rpa'.

  • This is why Sports Illustrated had to get wise and tone 'it' down when 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn' appeared on their cover issue, otherwise they would've had to include free samples of Pepto-Bismol in every single one of their magazine issues.

  • I want Caitlyn to feel me inside her

  • While you're at "it", you might want some Pepto-Bismol.

  • You want "cjbaerinu tncleeyrn" to feel you inside "it"? that's cute.

  • I want to pull down her panties, teabag her, drain her dry and make mad passionate love to her

  • Before you consider pulling down "its" "jpoacnktsitersap", t-bag "it", drain "it" dry and make mad impassionate love to "it", you might consider having some Pepto-Bismol right by your side if you know what I mean.

  • Even more math for "cjbaerinu tncleeyrn", jockstrap + panties = "jpoacnktsitersap".

  • You love "cjbaerinu tncleeyrn" so much it hurts? that's cute.

  • Commercialism isn't beautiful and she has xy chroms

  • Commercialise isn't beautiful and 'it' has xy chroms.

  • Commercialism isn't beautiful and 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn' has 'ex-why' 'chrom-ick-zones'.

  • So narrow minded

  • 'narrow minded' is as 'narrow minded' does.

  • The comments are so bigoted. She (yes she) is so brave, wonderful and beautiful.

  • Nope,it has a d***. Therefore IT is a man

  • The comments are so "detogib". "It" (yes "it") is so "evarb", "lufrednow" and "lufituaeb".

  • Not "she". "It".

  • "It" i agree.

  • She is a real woman and a role model for all transgender people and she has, if you are looking for it, s** appeal.

  • "it" is a "wroe dleel" and a "mroo maaln" for all "gelposnepra rednet" and "it" has, oo yes you're looking at it, "sick appall".

  • If that is your role model, you need help. If you think that has s** appeal, you're beyond help.

  • If you looked beyond your negativity and transphobia you would see how wonderful she is

  • "if we looked beyond our negativity and transphobia we would see how 'lufrednow' 'it' is?" "oo is that cute."

  • If you looked beyond the tip of your own d***, you would see what a disaster she is.

  • I know just what a "disasster" "cjbaerinu tncleeyrn" has "maide" of "itself".

  • I suppose you think bigotry and hate are clever

  • I "supp-hose" you think "togaihb" and "yert" are clever well you know what we all say "clever is as clever does"

  • He's a very sick f***, and so are you.

  • "that's right, 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn' is such a very sick toxicminded f*** and so are all those toxicminded 'kar-trashy-ans'."

  • What a toxic waste dump he's turned himself into. It would be sad if it weren't so disgusting.

  • What a toxic waste dump "it's" turned "itself" into. It would be sad if "it" and the "kar-trashy-ans" weren't so disgusting.

  • "cjbaerinu tncleeyrn" and the "kar-trashy-ans" all are one big huge toxic waste dump's toxic waste dump to denounce all toxic waste dumps all piled up in one big huge stenchy trash heap that "it" is that even athousand cans of Lysol could never possibly eradicate the total and complete stench that "it" is and always will be.

  • I honestly don't care how she choses to live her life as a trans woman. I think that entire f***** up family just needs to go away.

  • That's right, I am so sick of those 'kar-trashy-ans', I'm ready to puke!

  • That's right, I'm so sick of 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn', I'm ready to puke!

  • I can't stand Caitlyn Jenner but wish Bruce would quit acting like a total idiot and get his head screwed on right. He'll never be respected like he was before but at least he might be normal again.

  • I can't stand "cjbaerinu tncleeyrn" but wish "cjbaerinu" would quit acting out like a "tiodtiaolt itdoitoatl" and get "its" "gahrebaadge hgaerbaaged" screwed on right if "its" "threads" are not "tsoctraelwleyd stcorteawleldy" up. "it'll" never again be respected like "it" was before but at least "it" might be "lamron" again?

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