I am disgusted about patriarchal society

I am fully and utterly disgusted about the male dominated society I live in. I am an avid reader of websites that cover news online. I keep reading and hearing about women and girls who have been sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, etc. And the kicker is that the men are rarely punished!! Not punishing a man for abusing females is essentially saying "this is okay to do." It is NOT okay to do! It's obvious that men are worse than animals, and cannot keep their d**** in their pants!! Yet hetero women and other men cover up for them, and always say "it's not all men." Well who is doing the assaulting and abusing females? Certainly not the Easter bunny. Females in other countries are tortured by acid throwing and honor killing in the Middle East and beyond, genitally mutilated in countries like Africa, Asia, and right herein the USA and other English speaking countries. This is sending us women a message--- we hate you!! I am a radical feminist. There must be something radical done to stop this bullshit hatred against women. The problem is that I have no idea what can be done...

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  • And all the men falsely accused of rape

  • And all the men who got f***** by divorce.....

  • You're a f****** idiot

  • I would love to take the OP on a date. Show her men can be caring and kind. Maybe she could learn to trust again. Learn to love rather than hate. Yes there is a lot wrong with the world and lots we would love to change but living with all that hate and nasty judgements inside her must be really eating her up.

  • Any women reading this shouldn't worry their pretty little heads about it

  • It's not all men.

  • Yes, all men! It's true, but unless they have a medical condition where they can't get it up, then that's another story.. Then yeah not all men except those kind.

  • To add more, also all men are cheating lier's. They have a tendency to treat women nicely until they get into their parents, then they treat them like s***, and off to find another they can fool. And if they are stuck married they always find ways to have affairs. Why, because they get tired of their wives, or they say they are not getting their needs met at home, so they want to look elsewhere. Then there's this thing called midlife - crisis that's another lame excuse for men; off they sneak to find a younger women they can slyly treat like a mistress b****.. It doesn't matter if some of these women brag, "oh I got the best husband/ boyfriend" he's not like other men," bullshit" all men are the same! They all cheat it's called nature of the beast! I could add more, but not enough room on this sheet!

  • Such androgenystic drivel is disregarded by most and has been for decades. Dame obviously cannot attract a man to ball her ; clearly not only what she expresses but what the symptom is here. She need not write anymore. It's common knowledge that regardless of marital status, most Men need to spread their seed/sperm/s**** sometimes to all they can hustle. Every dame with common sense is aware of & will deal with that.

  • First, few of you dames are truly feminist especially if you claim radical feminist. You especially show your hand. What you dames really are is sexist pigs. Feminists only desire equality ; you sexists demand superior treatment, which is like a joke babe. In case you don't comprehend, this female, synthetic emancipation/liberation crap that began 50 years ago has reached full circle now with what will be a tremendous backlash. You haven't seen anything yet girl. Indeed, most people despise your attitude & expectations, which truly stirs the pot for triggering assault. It is not us, rather it's this radical female sexism perpetrated by dames like you that gives rise to these attacks & deservedly so. It isn't a patriarchal society rather it is NATURE itself roaring its head for females to behave like the females nature created. Nature intended you to be controlled by Men, be obedient to Men & not to argue with Men. It only makes sense that prevention measures or not, like it or not, Sharia Law has slowly been establishing itself globally, including in the u.s. You girls will be undergoing requirements for acceptable, respectful behavior, as opposed to winging it anymore. There is a natural order we must all adhere to for a peaceful, civil society. "feminism" tipped over the apple cart. Females will be relearning to OBEY & compromise or defer to Men. You are curious what you can do ; you'd be well advised to DROP the sexist 'tude, learn how to respect and learn to obey a Man to secure any future opportunities against what you refer to as abuse. Look, this just a reminder for what nature intended. Your feminine rebellion is being quashed. Deal with it & get used to it, Period.

  • I'm an old school gal and agree with your summary 100%. The liberation movement died when they pushed the envelope too far and only helped sharia law gain popularity.

  • Tell me about it. *sigh*

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