I am a gay

I am going to f*** a girl tommorow.. and she is ready to get f*** by me. I also want to f*** her as this would be my first s** experience. But the thing is no-one knows that i am gay, so i am kind of tensed that how it will happen? or what should i do?

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  • Are you a girl and going to f*** another girl? Or a guy f****** a guy? You didn't specify.Are you a guy going to f*** a girl,but no one knows you're actually,a closet fay man!
    If that's the case,are you sexually attracted to her at all?
    If you're,are you sure you're gay? Maybe you're " Pansexual" As in,gender has no relevance,when you're attracted to a persons mind and heart.

    If you're gay and your going to make love for the first time,with your gay girlfriend,it's natural to be nervous,about your first time.Just let it happen naturally :)Making love somewhere peaceful,private,comfortable and romantic,is a start :)

  • Go f*** her.

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