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I'm 13 and a guy and have a gay best friend he has only recently told people lately I have been thinking aboutif I liked guys too i realized i only kinda do when I'm super h**** lol i have a girlfriend but anyways the othernight he spent the night and we were having fun playing xbox and we were trying achol my parents have in the fridge and near the end of the night we both ended up on the bed and he scooted up next too me andwe were basically cuddling and i reached for my tv remote and i acedentally touched his d*** and before i could move it he grabbed my hand and kept it there he started making me rub it and i just didn't know what too do eventually he stood up and i didn't know what he was doing but he pulled it out and grabbed my head and put it in my mouth inmy head i was freaking out but i was h**** so i kinda liked it so i sucked his d*** for a while and i thought we were done when i turned around too grab something he pulled down my pants bent me over and stuck it in it was hard too do i wanted too sstop but then i didn't at he same time he kept going harder and harder and it felt gay but i liked how wrong it was and dirty but we haven't talked about it since and idk what too do i have a gf someone pls tell me what u think

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  • If you like it dont worry about labels do what makes you happy

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