Wonderful husband!

I just have to get this out there! i can't talk to any one i am close to about this because they think that you shouldn't talk about s**! but i can't help but want to!! my husband is awesome in bed and i never complain! here lately he has been insatiable!! and i love it!! it started a few days ago when i got really h**** and started giving him a b*******! he stopped me and pushed me over the couch and just started f****** me! it was amazing! but then he did something totally unexpected! he shoved his d*** in my ass! it hurt at first but it felt so good it made me c**!! then the next day i was laying in bed and he comes in rips off my nightgown and starts f****** me so hard! i was c****** everywhere! then he sticks it in my ass again! and this time it didn't hurt as much so i enjoyed it a whole lot more! and last night i was putting away laundry and he just comes in our room pushes me over the bed and just shoves his d*** right in my ass! it felt so good i came almost instantly! but he just could not get enough! he went back and forth between my p**** and my ass for like 2 hours!! it was amazing! when we got done my knees were scratched up and bruised from the box spring and he just left me bent over the bed shaking!! he has been so forceful lately i don't think i could tell him no if i wanted to! but then again i do like it rough! i hope he is in the mood tonight when he gets home because after writing this post i am so h****! ;)

Oct 22, 2012

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  • ;-) HAPPY!!!!! for you!!!!

  • I have also had this experience with carpet burns on my knees ,Keep the s** alive!

  • He's been watch alot of p*** on his computer hasn't he? He's a lucky man wiish my wife was still like you are. TRY this wait for him to come home from work at the front door naked in the doggie postion as facing the door.You know he my be getting you ready for a group too come in an f*** you next. We can only hope4VCP

  • Amazing post its great that you and your husband have awesome s**! It makes a merriage so much better. My wife has told me a few different times how much she likes rough s**. I love taking control of her and I love it more that she lets me.

  • Ask him to suck your p****.let him rub your c*** and f********* you.it would make you more h****.get banged in doggy style.

  • We will definitely have to try some of that! Thanks! :)

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