Should I do it

16 year old male I was sitting in my room just watching tv and my 12 year old Sister and her 12 year old Friend came in and sat down eventually she said you have such a big c*** and then left after a while Her Friend left so I went into my sisters room and asked her to f*** me so we did next day she told her Friend and now she wants to have s** with me with my Sister. Should I?

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  • Try to keep in mind a most important premise & constant ; when a concept sounds or appears to good to be true, it most likely IS.

  • Use protection and enjoy s**.

  • No. You shouldn't be doing sexual things with your sister or with a 13 year old. Too young.

  • To bad your opinion is out dated dude and your belief is only the last remnants of a dying breed of such believers.
    If homeboy wants to s** with his sister that's him and his sisters business, so you can spout off all you want about what you think but no one's listening, and a 13 year old girl is not at all to young to engage in sexual activity you sound like your the brainwashed remains of the "social purity movement" of the Victorian age..

  • They need to learn somehow just stay safe

  • Yes and write a detailed confession about it here

  • Use your imagination. There's no difference actually between that & what may appear further here.

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