Sorry Rachel Reema M And Poshen,Sorry Jaz- confession by rex m n

Im playboy since ma childhood, i hate to be commit in a relation.i had a gf jaz but she was not so intresting.i come to know about a girl of her friendz.she is looking far better then my i planned to atract her anyway, it was a imposible way.i made friends in her city and i have a eye on her.but most disgracefull view is that she was engaged with a tall smart good guy who is far better than i thought its impoassible to atract her in anyway.but that time devil start to works in my mind,to make her my gf i was ready to step in any my devil mind planned to break their i made a big was so risky. My plan is to create hate for each i made some dirty plan (cant disclose),i used some people with in one year i made as they hate for each other.i was almost sucseed in my plan.without knowledge of my gf im involved her too.i was sucsessfull to seperated them.the worst part is that in the pain of seperation the people decided to giveup their life.i got afraid ,i was not expected gf come to knew about my plan .she had seperatre from me. I was trapped in my own plan.i felt guilty myself i try to unite that couple.but it was not in my hand.that couples already seperated from each other.stil they hating each other.i dont have dare to confess infront of writing not trusting god til this incident,but after it i sart to belive him. A power ruling us. When we do mistake,we hurt good people we get right reward for it.really sorry rachel reema m and poshen and sorry jaz.

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