I like showing myself

For some reason I get incredibly h**** sometimes and just want people to see me naked so I show myself to them, like from my bedroom or I go into the yard or even just to my parents. I really love when someone sees me completely but afterwards I'm always really embarrassed. I think I should not do it anymore but then when I am h**** I just want to do it again and usually do.
It's also much stronger in my head, like I want to show my body but when I notice someone looking I kind of want to cover up and sort of want to resist so they can see mee, but I know it's weird. Idk lol

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  • If you are 18 there is a site of straight/bi and lesbians in different chat rooms.
    Try www.chat.com.
    Its where others watch you on cam.
    And you can watch them.

  • What you are experiencing are normal feelings Jessica for many women and men alike, Jessica. Clearly there is nothing abnormal about it. Most is not all nudists must feel likewise at least part of the time. It's healthy you are becoming comfortable to sharing the beauty of your naked body with others ; your parents sit well with it too I presume. What you should learn to adjust is your emotion of embarrassment afterwards. You don't reveal receiving any negative feedback from your experimenting & displays, so try to keep reminding yourself that your behavioral choice is proper. EVERY naked body is beautiful. I hope you can learn to accept the benefits of being comfortable with others when you are all naked. Permit the concept to grow withyou Jessica.

  • The secret is to sort of set yourself up somehow so you can't back out or cover up until you're seen. There are a few ways to do that. One thing I read once that you might want to try is if you have a friend who will help you, ask him or her to pants you in public and make it good. This story I read described how the girls friend was behind her on the stairs at school. She pretend to trip and grabbed the other girls shorts to save herself and pantsed her. They both fell and the shorts got tangled in her shoes. She was spread eagle surrounded by people and cameras going, hands full of books so she couldn't pull her shorts up. After everyone had a good look she got untangled and covered up but it was a long time. Wish I happened to me. Have fun.

  • Sounds fantastic but I'm pretty sure I'm not ready to share my feelings with friends lol
    I've found other ways to live out my fantasies and keep finding my limits haha

  • Thank you thats really nice of you to say

  • What is your age Jess?

  • Im 13

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