Best Friends Husband

Me and my husband went to Hilton Head with our best friends. We were all at the pool when Paul (best friends husband) decided to go to the condo. I decided I had to much sun and about 20 minutes later decided to go up. When I opened the door to the condo I could hear a woman moaning. I was unsure what to do and just stood still in the foyer. I listened and decided Paul was watching p**** on his PC. I stepped in the room to see him j**********. I just stood there shocked at what he was doing. He looked over and ask he I liked watching. I didn't know what to say. He didn't stop and ask to come over and watch. I was unsure what to do put I walked over. I could see my husband and Peggy laying at the pool so I was safe. I ask him if Peggy knew he came up to do this and he said she knows I watch p****. He started breathing harder and harder and then started c******. I got so wet watching this. I have never watched a man do this before.
He then grabbed my head and started pulling it down. I stopped him and left and went back to the pool but could not get this out of my mind. It made me very h****.
The next day I left the pool and went up to the condo. I wasn't long before Paul came in. I was in the kitchen and he came over and ask if I wanted to watch again. I said yes but only watch. He started very slowly as his d*** go hard. His d*** was very thick but on longer than my husbands. It was so erotic watching him and being able to see my husband at the same time.
He told me that he had told Peggy about me watching him j*******. I told him I didn't believe him. He picked up his cell phone and called her. He ask her if she could get up and mover away from (Aaron my husband). He then put her on speaker phone and told her he was j********** and I was watching. She then ask to speak to me and he gave her the phone. She ask if I liked watching her husband j*******. I didn't know what to say and she told me it was ok with her. She then ask me if I wanted to f*** him and I told her no are you crazy. She said it is ok with me and I will call back if Aaron starts to come up. She then told me I can see you standing up in the window from where I am standing. She then said is he still jacking his d*** and I said yes. She then said ok now get on your knees and start sucking my husbands d***. I told her no again and she said I am going to hang up now but I wan to see you go down on him. It is ok he has always wanted to f*** you. Have fun and hung up.
I watch again until he came and went back to the pool. I didn't know what to say to her. I really wanted to do it but was shocked at her she is a church goer if you know what I mean.
The next day the same thing but this time I went down on him. He then took me to the bedroom and f***** me. His wife is my best friend and I f*** her husband once a week on Friday when my husband plays golf. I have never met a woman who likes to watch her husband f*** other women. I have found out that a lot of our mutual friends f*** him while she watches this has been great for me because my husband can't keep it up more that 5 minutes and Aaron f**** me for more than an hour. I never would have thought I would do such a thing I am also a church goer.
I will never understand why Peggy likes this but I am glad she does.

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