Drinking Girls Pee from the toilet

I have enjoyed women peeing on me for several years now.. It all started with an 18 year old that I was very much in Love. I was in my early 30's and I never stopped wanting that with every woman i ever met in bed...

Recently, even tho I have a beautiful GF that provides that to me any time i wanted it .. I have started to play a new trick and its so exhilarating. When I know a Hot female friend and client is coming to my place ( won;t say what i do , but i get to be around beautiful women all the time ... and get paid ) So.. when expecting them ... I clean the toilet bowl very carefully ... rinse it many times and close the water line. I drain the water left in the toilet and ..wait. Eventually my girl friends will or clients will have to use the Bathroom..
and when they do it won't flush.... - I start to get super aroused knowing that ... its crazy .. they come our and some times they mention : its not running.. or they don't say anything. ... This one night we were just hanging drinking lost of beer .. so she has to go quite often. and eventually had to go.. I rushed to the toilet and open it to see her golden nectar just sitting there... golden yellow... even the sight of the toilet paper is hot to me...
I kneel in the bowl... and start to slurp it... OMG . So turn on.. my heart is pumping ....
my blood is rushing and my c*** gets hard. ....

Recently... I had a client , a young beautiful girl... i knew she was coming and I did the same. I got lucky and sha had to use the toilet... I was so hot.. .. i had a chance to walk in there when she was busy and filled a coffee mug with her p***... fill the cup and went to meet her. We chatted and worked together ...as I DRANK her pee.. looking at her.
I was in heaven.. she was so delicious... she was young. Young enough to never touch her.. but hey.. what harm comes from drinking her p***. To make it even better... her older Sister and Mother came later on to meet us... I was still drinking her as I was chatting with her relatives... Crazy Heaven -
Before she left she had to go again... that time i dropped n my knees and reach my face down down there... removing the paper with my lips... and slurping her delicious and tasty juice.

Jun 7, 2016

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  • I dont this too, one girl who works for me is so young and hot. I somehow discovered one day she doesnt flush when she pees. Since then i scrub the toilet all day and follow after her. Some days i follow Her in twice. I use a small tub to empty the toilet and fill my mug. Then i talk to her whilst drinking her warm tangy pee. It turns me on so much.

  • I mean 'i do this too' , typo

  • Ew oh my god what the f***

  • Ew duh f***? I'm puking right now! So disgusting!

  • You're are a sick as****. Go see a psycologist.

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