What is wrong with women????

They have health issues. I can't stand the smell of them. The banana split with strawberries is nasty. Let me tell you this...... the v***** is full of bacteria. You can clean it all you can. It will still smell like some rotten fish. But milder in a way. I will not eat it that junk. The lips are hanging by a thread. That thing in the middle look like a mini d***. I'm a Christian human. That believes in God, having s** with women is disgusting. When you finish having s** with them. The smell will hit you in the face. Men body parts never smell. They can p*** in the toilet and not have that smell. Women p***, they don't wipe. They walk around here all day with rank draws on and not wash. God loves a clean human. No one will enter the Kingdom fornicating. You have to be a virgin. Never Been touch. Women will never be in Heaven.



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  • I tell you what s wrong. They don't clean that dirty thing between their legs. But they want men to respect them. I'm a woman. A mans woman. I value the mans opinion. Women has bacteria down there. Too much hair. It stinks.

  • The more you post, the more you prove your uselessness :D

  • The more you post, the more you prove your uselessness :D
    I believe this comment reflects you!

  • Your nuts!

  • In other words, you've never been around a woman (aside from your mother's nasty vag) OR the women you HAVE been around don't practice basic hygiene. That's on your nasty ass. Quit hanging around the trailer park, bruh.

  • If they would just all wash they ass before they go out the house everything would be okay. Is that too much to ask?

  • Aw god they L xxd?Dr r 5 55t yummy qqq. OH NO YOU. AGAIN¬ GAZMIN MONEFFRIDS. TRANSFERC

  • No! Please don't unleash the Gazmin Moneffrids on him! You do that, and it'll be The Crusades all over again!!!

  • Yeah whatever...i am my wife’s p**** licking machine and would continue to be

  • What is wrong with youFAGGOT? You have posted about a woman having a stinkyBUTT. You don't like women then go suckCOCK and shut up.

  • If women won't be there, how can it possibly be called "heaven"? Does not compute.

  • I think you are a gay male

  • I think you're just looking for an excuse to live out your sexual fantasy of being deeply f***** by a man. ;) it's okay. You can come out of the closet now.

  • V***** has less bacteria than your mouth. But both need strict cleanliness.

  • I love licking pushy. Ummmm the best

  • Disgusty!!

  • You're funny

  • That’s why I love Satan and worshipping at the temple of womb

  • I am a man, please answer me how can we be clean as you said when we came out of same hole as you were...don't you think you are stating fuckking stupid.

  • Ok, thanks for telling me this. Good luck

  • Buncha sad bastards . . . . .

  • Finally . . . a bright sunbeam of truth.

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