I cheated on my girlfriend when I moved 3,300 miles away across the country. I'm not even entirely sure why, except that maybe I was bored and wanted s** and never expected to still be in a relationship with her. It was very easy to do, incredibly sexually satisfying, neither of the two women know about each other, and I don't really feel that bad about it and have surprisingly little guilt. I know it makes me an a****** - especially because I would have a very sweet phone call with my girlfriend, then hang up and minutes later get my d*** sucked and have violent, awesome s** with the girl I was seeing. Everyone I know thinks I'm a sweetheart and such a nice guy. I never thought I would be able to do something like this, but now that I have I can see why it is so common. It's just the easiest and simplest thing to have happen. I know I will never tell my girlfriend, even if I break up with her, or if I marry her. It would do nothing but hurt her, for no reason.

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  • Middle aged guy here. Gf a little older than I and can't have kids. She thinks the world of me. But I have a much younger lady pregnant in another country, giving birth next month. I never really expected my gf and I to move in with each other any time soon,but pregnancy happened 6 months before we did. I will probably have more kids with the other girl and support her financially till kid(s) are grown. I did it on purpose.

  • Op here; thanks for sharing. Honestly I think that's so erotic. I don't know why, but I really like imagining it. How long has it been going on? How often do you see your younger lover?

  • I agree totally! She can never know!! But, where is the relationship with the girlfriend going? You don't seem inline for possibly getting married to her one day. Maybe it's time to set you both free, and then you can do whatever you want and be the nice guy you've always been. You're human. We have needs. You're not exactly doing the right thing, but that doesn't define entirely who you are. Just step back and make some decisions.

  • Don't tell her. As far as i can tell people have cheated throughout history. Nothing new. But when you find out it hurts like h***.

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