My wife and her brother

My wife loves having s** and shortly after we began dating she told me she was a s** addict and wanted to be able to f*** whoever and whenever she wanted. She said she wanted to lay it all out for me and hoped I would understand it didn't mean she didn't love me. I surprised her by telling her it didn't bother me at all and I really wanted her to keep on enjoying her body however she wanted. My wife has been f****** her brother for years. They use to f*** in the barn on the farm where they were raised. She told me all about how they would f*** and then how he had told one of their cousins and she f***** him and he told others so then she was f****** most of their cousins and even a couple of the female cousins would want to watch and play with her t*** while she was being f*****. She still f**** her brother when ever he comes to visit plus she f**** others anytime she wants. I did get a nice surprise her brothers 25 year old sexy daughter (her niece) and my wife are really close and she knows that my wife f**** others all the time and she mentioned that would really like to f*** me. So now I get to f*** the niece whenever my wife is out getting f***** and sometimes while we f*** we are watching my wife being used.


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  • Give fakey katey everything she wants and love bomb her face off. that is all people have been doing to her all along, only she is too dumb to see that meg is her mirror image ! gluttony girls two of a kind.

  • It's good to hear of people enjoying s** with family members. Does your wife's brother also f*** his daughter?

  • You're a bunch of lunatic!!!

  • Sounds hot!

  • You should also f*** your cat sir

  • How good is it to f*** the niece? any change you can f*** other women in the family?

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