Why I hate this world

I hate Obama, he is a clear Muslum and people don't see it, he wants the radical Islamic to come to our soil, These Liberals only want free money and welfare, they are a burden to our country Trump is the only one that can get rid of these Muslims and Mexicans and get rid of the lazy negros while we are at it. Let's make America Great Again. Hope he makes my FL Gov. Rick Scott VP


Jun 12, 2016

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  • Cry harder that your orange god didn't get rid of the brown people. On the positive side though, he made it very easy for morons like you to die from Covid. My guess is your whiny ass is worm food right now, even more than it was when you were still sucking down Mountain Dew and fingering your sister. I'm just sad this pandemic isn't killing off even more of your kind... but "long Covid" shows promise.

  • Well s***

  • America has always been f***** up!!! I take it back.It was probably great,when the native Americans owned and inhabited all of America :)

  • America is f***** already and has been,for centuries.All you need to do is read the history of America and visit specific states.Sorry man,but your country was f*****,from the beginning.Move to a better country.

  • I can't understand his reasoning at all and what really bugs the h*** out of me why hasn't someone blown that Black son of a b****** hear clear off of his body. I would do it but I am a lousey shot unless I could get close to him but a good sniper you know the type one shot one kill at 1200 yards could do it easily. I pray TRUP does get in and all the Muslims are shipped back to their own country and let them deal with them put them on a old ship and give them a 22 to protect themselves and see how many missiles it takes to blow it out of the water,. All the Mexicans should go back to Mexico or declare a bounty on them like the did for coyotes in Nevada and pay 50 cents a ear, all you had to do was bring in the right ear to collect the bounty, I use to earn good money back then for about 5 months. God I could make a fortune in a year by the Mexicans around here alone. Yea I am racist and I'll admit it but damn I am Native American and my ancestors were here first all the rest of you are imports so beware.

  • You're one of the reasons why,the USA is f*****.

  • America never was great!!! You racist ass!!

  • All religion is f****** stupid and the cause of most this bullshit

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