Real men wear strapped-belted pants, they don't wear baggy pants

I hate todays punks, they go around making themselves look cool. but they wear baggy pants and show there cracked behind or Cracked ass. pull up those baggy pants and just treat yourself with respect.Get some pants that actually fit and go get a real job and get a real life . These punks cannot be boys forever,It is time to grow up and just get rid of the baggy pants and just get a Job and get a real life. I truly hate Baggy pants and I hate the way these punks think that baggy pants are sooooo cool. I wish I could take a time to say somemore. But God get rid of the Baggy pants and grow up.

Mar 5, 2016

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  • I'm a teenage girl and even I think that it's a stupid trend!

  • I agree! I'm surprised that this gangsta prison dress fad has lasted as long as it has? Have they no self respect?

  • I agree - it's disgusting and makes them look like morons!

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