stretch marks

I have yucky stretch marks on my inner thighs
I'm not fat!
I got them because the ball and socket joint in my hip was f*****, the socket was growing too fast so I had to accelerate the growth in my legs, it f****** sucks
I'm 15 and I'm scared a guy is going to see them and get super turned off..
I've had s**, but only with the lights off, I don't want anyone to see them ugh.

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  • Just find another freak with such stretch marks and you are all set. Just don't go looking for him in the circus.

  • Stretch marks don't make you a freak, genius

  • if a guy downt love you for who you are strech marks and all he isnt worth it and he is a hypocrite because i bet his body isnt perfect either. I recommend cocoa butter or bio oil on the stretch marks i hear it works wonders


  • I've had stretch marks since I was 12 years old, I'm 20 now, and trust me with some cocoa butter lotion they become invisible.

    P.S. They guys don't care either ;)

  • I worry about what guys think of me too. I had strech marks on my b**** when they started to grow, they are not big, but the all of a sudden grew really fast one year and it happend.
    Ya, don't worry.

  • hunnie,
    i have strech marks on my thighs and on my ass too ( i grew 6 inches in a year)
    and i was super conscious of them, i wouldnt wear shorts at all. (seriously i was in jeans in 40 degree weather all summer)
    i finally just decided to accept them, they aren't going away, and they're not that noticeable anyways.
    besides, that's just a cute flaw, everyone has flaws.
    if i guy doesn't like it, then he's not worth it, but trust me, they wont care, guys don't expect you to be perfect ya know, you're only human.
    && yes, i've had s** too, and yes a guy has def seen them, & you know what, i dont care. It took me a really long time to realise i should worry about it.
    if you think about it,
    any guy should be proud to have seen your stertchmarks, cause that means he was intimate enough to you to get to see 'em! :)

  • Yeah, i've had two babies and have them on my belly no man has ever put me down for that or even cared. They understand this happens.

  • ^^thank you, this made me way less insecure :)

  • guys wont get turned off bye them i have some and im 15/M on my thigh and my back and there not bad at all they just say u grow to fast :-P ang if guys were looking down there theres very little chance a guy will notice them

  • same with me, but even worse. i'm small- 97 pounds, and with nearly a B-cup, and have a few stretch marks ON MY B******. it f****** sucks ass. i'm afraid of letting anyone see them even though i'd love to fool around with ym boyfriend :C

  • If the man you like doesn't like you for that reason...kick him in the nuts for being so shallow and a moron.

    Just be yourself and find someone who likes you for that. you will. No body is perfect in anyway.

  • Trust me honey, no man will turn down s** cause of stretch marks. . .and if you should find one, he is not worthy of it anyway.

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