I worked as a gloryhole girl

So I used to work at a gloryhole.

I was studying in London. I had no money and my stint as a librarian had come to an abrupt end when I quit out of sheer boredom.

Scanning job listings I happened upon a vague advert offering opportunities at a 'gloryhole' - a word I'd never seen before. I sent an email (I'd had a glass of wine) and to my surprise found myself meeting with the 'maid', an older lady who couldn't pronounce her 'r's and had clearly seen it all.

She was polite and surprisingly formal - though endearingly frank when describing the mechanics of what was expected of a gloryhole employee.

I'd expected/wanted her to say

"You're far too respectable to be doing something like this"

and send me home but instead she advised me to work in my underwear ('because of the fluids') and asked if I could start on Thursday evening.

And so that's how I, a nice girl from Canada, wound up sucking d*** for money in a north London flat.

That first day I worked six hours, gave five b******* and went home with £150 - a chunk of which I splurged on a sushi comfort binge. My jaw ached, and even the wasabi couldn't mask the taste of sperm

And so, every Thursday night for three months I'd make my excuses and head to an anonymous flat in north London to f****** strangers for money.

Everything worked according to a set routine. The maid answered the door, collected the money and walked the guy to the top of the stairs. On the landing there stood a door with a hole in it. The guy put his d*** through and I'd suck him till he came.

I developed a routine: Locking the door and taking off my top whenever the doorbell rang, spitting on the c*** to get it wet, stroking it till it got hard, sucking it till my mouth filled with sperm and spitting the c** into the wash basin in the corner. At least this was the theory.

Some guys couldn't come. Some couldn't even get hard. Others would explode in moments. Occasionally guys would stand at the door for a minute or two afterwards, and I'd watch their d*** shrivel away before they pulled their pants back up.

A surprising number of guys preferred to come outside the hole, spraying their mess against the door. After each appointment the maid would scrub the door and landing with bleach - which explained the sickly stench of cleanliness that hung in the air.

Though I'd work alone, occasionally my shift would cross over with another girl's. I became friendly with two other employees: a 'larger girl' - as the British euphemistically put it - who ended every sentence with a giggle - and a pretty little thing from the provinces who was earning rave reviews online and promised me she was about to quit every time I saw her.

Anyway, three months in and it was clear the venture was in trouble - girls were quitting and I was working more shifts, but seeing fewer and fewer guys. Despite her best efforts the maid couldn't get the place running efficiently - guys would book and never show, or turn up without booking. And so I returned to straight society.

I'd paid off my debts and got out before I'd caught something. And that's my confession.

Jun 16, 2016

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  • I worked the counter at an adult arcade back in college. I got hit on a LOT! Mostly guys, gays, etc but a very few single women and some couples, quite a few times I sneaked back into the rooms and stuck myself through the hole.
    Just once I got invited in to do some guy's wife while he watched, and several times a woman would invite me, usually h**** housewife types. I must have gotten laid a dozen times in just a couple of months.
    No real pretty young ones at all, the place was rather seedy. But one rather attractive 50 year old gal came in maybe 5 times, by her 3rd visit it was clear she was interested so I got her the most.
    But she wasn't very tight, so it was hard to get off with her. She sure could suck, though.
    It was quite a job, but the boss caught me back there one night and I got fired.

  • My current wife admitted to me that she used to work the counter in an adult video place, and she got hit on a lot.
    A few times when she was short of her rent money she would go in to the booths and do a few guys for some quick cash.
    Usually hands unless she really liked the guy, then she would blow them.
    She did tell me she "only" did that a few dozen times.
    Yes. A "few" dozen.
    Plus all of them were in a different booth through the glory hole, which I find hard to believe but she sticks with that.
    Sort of bothers me a little, since we have since ran into a few of her "clients."

  • Did they just walk up and tell you that they paid your wife for a quick bj???

  • OP come back 🥰😂

  • Lol this place was a disaster. There were only a couple of hot girls there, the rest were a bunch of grannies who could not get punters hard if they actually saw what they looked like! There was like one British girl there who was fit

  • All the girls were on the other side of a door, how could you tell who was hot or not? Anyone want to tell us about getting a bj from op (including her husband?)

  • The toothless grannies can gum you up real good

  • I'm addicted to the glory hole. My 1st time I was 17 and sneaked into a place known for that sort of thing. I went into a room to watch a movie and no sooner than I got in there a p**** popped out through the wall. I got down on my knees and started rubbing it then kissing and sucking it. Before too long I was out in the room completely naked letting whomever put their hands on me and having s** with all of them. I've tried to stop but I just don't want to. I'm 21 now and I work in a place where I can get to be naked and suck and f*** everyone. I love it. I'm such a w**** I love it

  • We have some of those in downtown city near us. I haven't been there for years, but when I was single I used to go, it was a kick in the f**** when a couple would come in, get the tokens and head down to the booths.
    One night I was there and one of my teachers came in with his wife, he had on dark glasses but I recognized him. They didn't see me, so I peeked through the door and saw what booth they went into, so I hurried and got the one next to them. At one point I had my erection through the hole and she was sucking on me, then there was a pause and I realized he was sucking on me. Serves him right for giving me a "C" grade. But, he was better at it than she was.

  • I would marry a girl like you.

  • Get in sign me up

  • Did they suck your d*** too?

  • Angry guy in the comments was her fiance who was mad that she confessed and described herself somewhat accurately and is freaked out that someone would figure out who she is

  • Source?

  • Kind of hot if true, I dunno

  • Imagine knowing your fiance had sucked all that c***. Is that a turn on or not? Anyway I hope she has been tested. I wonder how much s**** ended up in her belly?

  • A lot. Probably enough to get him to angrily come back to the comment section to try and convince people his future wife to be didn't drink all that j***

  • Imagine, you meet this smart, hot girl and you hit it off straight away. Then you find out she gives amazing head. You start to ask yourself:is this the one?

    Then you meet up one day and she says: I’ve got something to tell you. And then she drops the bombshell:she has sucked literally thousands of c**** and swallowed literally gallons of c**.

    How do you process that :)

  • Kind of like marrying a h*****, they are usually faithful having gotten it out of their system. In my case, I married a nude dancer, nude back when it was illegal everywhere. She did after hours shows out in the county where no one cared, made piles of money.

  • Hey OP, are you like... hot? I imagine you'd have to be mad hot for a guy to stick around after telling him this

  • OP, did you get married yet?

  • It’s all bullshit. I am the guy who posted as ‘OP’. I regret writing this seedy little story and I will not be adding any more comments. P*** is very bad for you. Fight the new addiction

  • No you're not dude you're just weirdly upset that places like this exist and even the fact that OP came back to answer more questions doesn't convince you

    Just let it go, you were wrong

  • I love how the same person keeps angrily insisting this isn't real for whatever reason despite confirmation in other comment threads

  • ‘OP’ isn’t real. OP is a guy, or guys who is/are either getting off on writing this bullcrap, or trolling you. ffs

    Just go looking for the supposed ‘reviews’ of this place online. The story and the comments provide you with enough detail. It never existed.

  • "Prostitution doesn't exist!!"

  • Prostitution happens. None of this s*** happened.

  • Doesnt happen in Austrtalia hardly at all but we're kind of boring

  • It definitely happened, these places exist

  • There are sites that review places like this (and, sad to say, the women who work there). There’s no record of this place. The whole thing is a fantasy.

  • They discuss this exact place elsewhere in the thread dude

  • There actually ARE records of places like this and they're discussed elsewhere in the thread

  • Places LIKE this, not this place specifically.

  • No, this place specifically had reviews. It's mentioned in the OP and guys in the thread talked about going

  • Most of the ‘girls’ who worked there were old grannies including the Maid or girls from random countries. ‘OP’ and the girls she talks about were the only hot ones.

  • No, some are definitely hot. They had reviews and would f*** the customers. I love how deep in denial you are about this

  • If we keep repeating it, it will all become true... The hot girls, the f****** of customers, everything...

  • They had reviews for the place and everything, other guys discuss what happened in the thread

  • OP, when do you get married?

  • What was the smallest and most disappointing d*** you sucked?

  • Small did not equal disappointing. When you’re sucking 8+ d**** a day you don’t want too many monsters, for the sake of your jaw. I did suck micropenises, including a repeat customer whose pubes were longer than his c***, poor guy.

  • One of the best f**** I ever had a micropenis, some wicked dykes had taught him a thing or 2 about sensuality and he could spurt like three times in a row

  • How did you suck such a small c***???

  • You lick and suck it like a c*******. its actually quite big for a c*******

  • What was the biggest and least disappointing d*** you sucked?

  • OP here... Couple of Afro-Caribbean/African guys (yeah it’s a stereotype, but whatever...) had ten, eleven, twelve inch d****.

    There were one or two that I struggled to suck. They always came at the end of my shift for some reason. The other girls were like “yeah, those are the guys you’re better off f******”. But, true to my principles, I would do my job...

  • Ever have to give a freebie OP?

  • OP here... if there were (legitimate) complaints then we would arrange for a guy to get a freebie (usually a straight b******, no gloryhole), typically before or after opening hours. My friend did a couple and I was asked if I was okay to do one once, but someone else ended up taking one for the team, instead.

  • Great story but I call bullshit. There are plenty of gays who love to suck d*** for free, and plenty of gloryhole "customers" who could give a rat's ass who's mouth is on said d***.

  • I dunno. There are lots of squeamish men who would love an anonymous bj but can’t face the idea of doing anything sexual with another male, even if it was just through a hole in a walk. I actually think a lot of men would pay to use a place like this.

  • Hey question for OP!

    Did you ever secretly know the guy you were blowing? Ever have suspicion?

  • Did you ever recognize the taste?

  • OP here...

    I used to hang back from the hole so the guy couldn’t see my face. Of course, this meant I couldn’t see *their* face, and, yeah, once or twice I thought there was something familiar about someone I was blowing (of course I didn’t try to confirm it - I tried to avoid conversation, mainly because I have a distinctive accent (for London anyway)).

    So did I recognize anyone? Not for sure. Do I have suspicions? One or two guys I saw could have been guys I kind of knew perhaps, but there was no way I could have found out without blowing (lol) my cover.

    Apparently things like this do happen with girls who escort. My friend’s old teacher used to pop by a place she worked every month or so for s** (and yes, he paid extra for her to wear a uniform). He would also pay extra for the maid to watch as well, which I guess is kinky/icky... Honestly her stories are much better than mine.

    Recognize the taste? Lol, no. If a guy has eaten pineapple recently, though, you can taste it.

  • OP here...

    And garlic. TBH I used to spit the lot straight in the sink as soon I made the guy burst and rinse frantically.

  • I am new here and want to join the OP fan club! I am in if we are pitching in for an evening.

  • So what happened with that meet and greet, OP?

  • OP is like for Q for pervs

  • Just read the whole thread. Really hot. I would have no issue with my gf having done that in the past. Quite a turn on !! One question for OP ... or anyone ... I live in London .... how do I find such a place (post COVID) ??

  • You're gonna have to wait probably

  • Can I get your number? 😉

  • Guys have been trying to get in touch with her since she posted this story. I would like to meet her and just share a coffee, she would not even have to suck my c***.

  • Happy new year OP come back 😂

  • Question for ‘op’

    Did you ever have a customer who was nervous about sticking his p**** through a hole in a wall? I think I would feel pretty scared about what might be on the other side! It could be a guy or some garden shears or who knows what!

  • OP back again...

    The answer is yes. You would get guys who would stare through the hole just to make sure you were actually a girl (I used to keep my anonymity by kneeling a short distance from the hole so that they could see my body but not my face). Some would try to get you to say something, just to check out your voice. Occasionally a guy would ask what you were going to do when he put his p**** through the door. Some girls would open their mouth immediately behind the hole so the guy could see it as he came up the stairs (someone mentions this in the thread). 

    Every so often you would get a guy who would just want to chat, or j*** off while feeling you up. A couple of times I was offered extra to m********* (which I did with my pants on) and I once had a guy who paid to watch me 'jill' myself then called me over so I could finished him with my hand. My fiance likes this story, which is why I'm telling it I guess!

  • Finally, you came back!

  • Op here... Yeah, I needed a break ;)

    AMA guys xxxxxxxxxx

  • So what happened with the guys who wanted to bring you out of retirement?

  • OP is a guy.

  • Imagine being dumb enough to think prostitution doesn't exist

  • Thanks for your post & comments. Really hot and a massive turn on x


  • I'm loving the buttmad comment below me that seems aghast and incredulous that hookers could possibly exist 😂

  • Shock news! Prostitution exists!

  • I think they were amazed at the idea that a woman would choose to do this, rather than being forced into it.

  • OP, so... what do you look like? Are you hot? Guys staying after you tell them that has to mean you're hot hahaha

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