First time gay experience m2m

I remember the first time I'd just started high school and making new friends and we had arranged so he could sleep over so all day we went bike riding returning soaked to the bone I'd jumped in the shower to warm up my friend knocked and asked to come in due to my mother wanted him to put a towel on wait till I get out so he could have one. I did not worry about him seeing me nude I just washed like normal and to be funny I showed him a pressed ham it's when you press your junk against the glass doing that a few different ways getting so hard I finished and got out my mate jumped in and I dryed myself till he was out and he wanted to see who's was bigger putting his next to mine I felt his hand griping me I never took much notice till he asked if I had c** before and he could show me just to lay down and I was on the floor as his hands moved over me I felt his mouth over me sucking I enjoyed squirting and found we continued to explore for some time

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  • I'm 23 years old guy and I love being sucked off by other guys. I always let bi or gay guys suck my c***, they generally suck me off until I e******** in their mouths. They are really good at it. I would love to do it again sometime, it's fun and pleasurable.

  • Who r you...let me suck yours hehe

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