Wife's question

So I was at work. We had a slow period so I checked my texts. We had a brief conversation that left me wondering.

At first she just asked how my day was. I told her I had a few minutes where I wasn't doing 13 things. She randomly changes the topic to s**. She just up and says, "Would you ever have s** with another man?" (keep in mind that I have had s** with men before I met her and since we've been married. I never told her about anything in my past and certainly haven't told her about anything since.) Anyway, I respond with, "Of course not. I'm married." She said, "Well duh but what if we weren't?" I said, "I mean I wouldn't go out and sleep with a man the second we weren't together. Why are you asking?" She said, "Just curious."

So I had to get back to work. After work and after dinner, we were laying in bed. She rolled over onto me and snuggled up. She reached into my boxers and started playing with my c***. She said, "Wanna know something I would find hot?" I said, "Sure." She said, "I wanna see you have s** with a man." I said, "This again? You would find that hot?" She said, "Yeah. I dunno why. I think it would be hot to see you suck d*** or me come home from work and see a guy sucking your d***."

She was now rubbing her p****. I said, "You really want to see this?" She said, "Yeah baby." I said, "You got someone in mind?" She said, "Yeah. Brian. He broke up with his boyfriend last week and he mentioned that he thought you were hot." I said, "You wanna see us have s**?" She said, "Yeah. I wanna m********* with my vibrator while he f**** you."

She started sucking my d*** while playing with her p****. Then she wanted me to f*** her doggystyle a***. She was so into it and was asking me to tell her that I want to have s** with her gay friend.

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