I love him

I was out with my boyfriend in the park, whilst being in the park i meet my old best friend who i havent seen in about 7 years, when he saw me he gave me the biggest hug and i cried because i missed him and he even started crying, so after this we went to my boyfriends house and he came aswell and my boyfriend had gone to the local asda to go get some food and me and him were alone, i thought he was downstairs watching tv and i walked into my room which has a bathroom detached to it, when i walked in NAKED he just stared at my body, and i ran into my bathroom EMBARRASSED AS H***, i walked out with a towel after and he was in my bed NAKED, he comes to me and grabs my ass and kisses me passionately and next thing u know we are having s** in the bed, i regret it so bad but after that i had to tell my boyfriend, we broke up and i dated my best friend, this happened 2 years ago and i am still dating my best friend, me and him have a baby boy who is 2 months, sometimes me and my baby will go on a stroll and i will see my ex boyfriend his baby boy and and now we are just friends so the moral of my past is if ur in a relationship and like someone just tell them and dont do what i did

Jun 28, 2016

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  • Most bs I've ever heard, excuses, excuses. You cheated on your BF with a bloke you hadn't spoken to in 7 years and you broke up with your BF for him and now your telling yourself your friends with him to make yourself feel better.

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