Julian Assange

I'm madly in love with Julian Assange.

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  • He should be in jail. So should you.

  • You're an idiot

  • You, too, should be in jail. JAIL. Save your hero-worship for someone who deserves it. Assangehole should be getting special gang-love daily in a max-sec prison. Instead he gets treated like nobility by a sycophantic and uberliberal American press, and a large number of Americans -- like those praising him here -- buy and drink every drop of the KoolAid they can get. Sheep to slaughter. It's the same way we wound up with Barry as President. And the same way we'll wind up with Hilary as his successor. All you Assanghole lickers need to be in jail.

  • If you don't like Hillary, you should be praising Assange for exposing her. He's a rare breed; man who risks his own neck to expose truth, nothing is more noble. <3

  • Had you a rational case to make, you would. Instead you gave us that.

  • If you don't like Hillary, you should be praising Assange for exposing her. He's a rare breed; man who risks his own neck to expose truth, nothing is more noble. <3

  • I had to google who Julian Assange was lol

  • Shame ;-)

  • You have to admire the man's resolve. And his intelligence.

  • And his ego. And his thoughtlessness. And his insensitivity. And his criminality. Yes, many things going for him.

  • Assange' problem is that he exposed ruling class war crimes in increasingly criminally illicit states. That includes your great, lordly kakistocracy [look it up].

    Curiously but predictably the duplicitous Mr. Luminescence, President Obama, praised Muhammad Ali's readiness to face jail; yet he vindictively and ferociously prosecutes Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange. Dead and buried opponents of war are much less threatening to war criminals than breathing sentient opponents.

    It's highly unlikely that the Assange witch-hunt would ever be allowed to come to trial. The ruling class doesn't WANT Assange brought to trial. Since Assange brought the notorious 'Collateral Murder' video to light, the whole ruling class has wanted him dead.

    What do you do with someone who points out that the Pentagon employs 29,000 public relations officers to suppress truth, and to promote violence and illegal wars of aggression around the world, who exposes the worst crimes of US imperialism in its invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and which is now h***-bent on the ongoing drive toward World War III against Russia and China? What do you do with one who exposes massive surveillance of our own people?

    Speaking of duplicity, the fixation on the Benghazi affair is instructive not because Hillary's private e-mail account potentially compromised security but because it also is a record of imperialist war crimes. You don't see Senator Clinton seeking political asylum, do you?

    In one email, Blumenthal coached Clinton to cover-up the circumstances surrounding bin Laden assassination in a cross-border raid into Pakistan by US Special Forces. Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh later disclosed that the official account of bin Laden’s death was a collage of lies. Is she evading capture? Apparently, class DOES matter in the US.

    Assange is accused of many things; he is charged with no crime. He is a hero. The state is a w****. At least our respective loyalties are now clear.

  • If he's a criminal then it's because of the a corrupt system of laws. Look at Hillary....she is a MURDERER and running for president. He just exposes the corruption, he's a hero.

  • "Hero"? Negro, please!!!

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