Classroom secret...

So um... I've developed a really bad habit of touching myself during class... I'm really sensitive and struggle to keep my noises in... During class, I like to lightly touch myself and even go as far as putting my hand under my skirt or jeans. I've never been caught fin***ing myself or or***ming. As I said, I struggle to keep my noises in but I love having to hold it in... It's a massive tease for me... I love the feeling of my legs squirming under the table and my face going bright red... And when I c**... Oh my gosh... It feels so good... I hardly do it at home anymore and nearly always do it in class... I'm only 15 and it makes me feel so dirty... Does anyone else do this?...

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  • No. You're the only person in your class who does that. This makes it even nastier...

    By the way, there is something you need to do next time you're in class and doing ... well ... you know what I mean.

    When your buzzer is some 60 to 30 seconds from happy land, start contracting all the muscles in your pelvic area. You want to use the ones you would use if you were trying to empty your bladder. Try to push every drop of blood into your pelvis area. When you feel start getting close, squeeze hard. Pour it on with all your strength! Keep diddling.

    Good luck trying to keep that one quiet. My guess is that you'll be braying and braying and braying all the world like a donkey.

    How nasty are you feeling now?

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  • I bet you're a closet s***, your male friends must be lucky to have you around...
    If it feels bad, if it feels naughty, but if it feels good, can't be wrong can it?
    Keep it up, maybe someone will notice, just as you tip over the edge.

  • F*** you make me hot

  • Girls sc me at kitkat.iee????

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