People on dope make me sick

It literally makes me sick to hear the sound of their voices. They scream, they yell, they steal, they assault and all because a nondoped user won't accept their destructive nonproductive lifestyle.

I made the mistake of taking a roommate with a brother who used PCP. He tried to take over the apartment and one time he just helped himself to my hot comb. Took it home with him. I was going to call the police but his father brought the comb back.

I used to work with a guy that used crack and he didn't do a damn thing at work. The company I was working for didn't want to fire him because they had had a class action lawsuit filed against them and they had just enough blacks to keep that from happening again.

Here again, it made me sick to hear the sound of this losers voice.

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  • I'm with you. They make me sick.

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