I'm rather petty

My ex bf was terrible and broke up with me bc i was "gaining weight" so after he left me i f***** his best friend and we have been secretly seeing each other for the past year and the s** is great.

Jul 4, 2016

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  • I love chubby women, I'd love to f*** you

  • It sounds like his best friend is a b**** desperate enough to f*** a fat b****

  • How r u still pretty if u gained a bunch of weight...

  • This b**** logic was to go straight to the so called "best friend". This proves my point that woman are vindictive and men are weak for whores.

  • Not all women are like this, I for one am not!

  • So instead of moving on and possibly finding a better man, you basically f***** his "best" friend? You basically ruined 2 relationships. One for being fat and another for someone leaving you because you let yourself go. #womanslogic

  • What? He broke up with ou for gaining weight? what what what. What a disgusting person he was. Gurl, you deserve best! Don't make it a secret

  • You may be petty.
    Fat too by the sound of it

  • Lose some weight...

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