I gotta get out

I'm a good girl. I have been all my life. But for the last 10 months I've been living with a guy who's a drug user and a petty dealer. It's humiliating. I hate his life, and I hate mine. I have to leave. But to do that, I have to find the strength to do it. I just feel so weak and stupid. (I said that to my best friend last week and she said, "Oh, you're Fredo Corleone." I had to look it up, but when I did it made me laugh. My first laugh in weeks.)



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  • I totally understand the humiliating. It tears you apart. You love the guy with an ache in your tummy then he does or says something stupid or violent and you just stand there feeling like the looser he is. It is so hard to tear your self away but that in the end is the only way to get ahead. you can still support him and help him IF he wants help but it does not tear you down.

  • Find support in friends and family :)

  • The drugs will control him.
    Leave now.

  • How about this for perspective... if your boyfriend is dealing out of your apartment and cops find out, you could be arrested as an accomplice. If you are such a good girl, you may not want to catch a jail sentence. Why don't you break up with your loser bf and ask your best friend, if you can move in with her temporarily so that you can find your own place.

  • Or how about this: If her bf deals drugs from home like he ain't got the good sense not to s.h.i.t. in his own back yard, he will almost certainly get robbed by one of his desperate "clients." One or more. If you like the threat of being arrested as an accomplice, if you like the threat of home invasion, if you like the threat of a lowlife boyfriend who has already shown a willingness to compromise his scruples, then by all means sit there at his side and comfort yourself by telling yourself that you just aren't strong enough. Come on, really, not strong enough? Read about how the Yazidi women escape Daesh.

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