Dirty moms knickers

I have licked and sniffed my mother-I law dirty pants whilst wanking I would c** inside them then put them back but leave them so she would know that I wanked into them

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  • My wife hired a friend of our son to help out with house chores. I got home one day and she was teaching him how to hand wash her dirty panties.

  • When I got out of the Military moved in with mother in law, she's 50 everything on her is average but for some reason I'm extremely h**** for and desire her. It all started one day after getting out of the shower I go to get my towel off the rack and o smell this scent that just makes my d*** spring to attention so I I look and her pajama pants that she where's for a week with no panties before washing was saturated in her juices and smelled so sweet I immediately pressed them to my face still moist I began to give them a taste, we no longer live with her but everytime I go over there I make sure to get my hands on a pair of her panties and sniff and taste them sometimes take a pair home, she has flashed me her p**** lips twice once readjusting on the couch in her pajama shorts seemed to be accidental and while talking to me exposing her hole in her worn pants, my wife and I have talked about polygamy she is semi open to the Idea we are both atheist but to mention her mother I don't think she would want any parts of that the problem is I want her mother bad I've pretended to be sleep on the couch with my d*** out and she would stare at me with this hungry look before leaving for work I think she is interested but don't know how to make moves towards my goal with out confessing outright the frustration

  • I sniff and lick my roommates sexy panties gusset

  • Get help you f****** troll.

  • I sniff my wifes dirty knickers when she's out the smell of her stained gusset driver me crazy I lay on bed sniffing and thinking about other men sniffing her knickers

  • Nothing like the scent of your birthplace , well may be going back inside is better .

  • Mt mil mary did catch me....it lead to some incredible s** (without her daughter knowing) and she still masturbates into a pair and leaves them for me to play with when im home

  • I used to have this habit too but it was both new and old underwear and I know that she likes to sniff her new one because wearing them.

    Then one day I notice she doesn't lay them out where she normally lay them. I think she must've figured it out what I was doing. She always walks in pj and not wear any bra.

    She would the always bends for wherever I sit or stand just so I can see her b******. I told my wife this and she just tells me not to look. She asked me if I've seen her mom breast and I said yes quit a few times.

    One time we were at the hospital because her mom was sick and when they put on a gown on her my wife saw her mom's p**** and because I was standing right beside her she thought I did too. But the truth is I didn't. I just teased her saying I did. Now she thinks I've seen her mom's t*** and p****. She even told her mom to wear a bra because I've seen her t***.

    Her mom wouldn't listen and still walks around with no bra at home. My wife told me during s** that she have seen her mom check me out with I have a bulge sticking out. I have grabbed her mom's t*** before while she was super tired she her mom just let me. I grabbed both sides whiling she was wearing a silky pj. It felt great being able too.

    Her mom is divorced and super h**** since she haven't had a boyfriend and haven't been had s** in a long time.

  • Cool. You probably could go for it

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