Euthanized kittens and cats

I get more upset seeing that then aborted or euthanised human fetuses or even dogs. i get really upset over the kittens and cats.

Jul 5, 2016

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  • Animal haters are the real losers who suck. The first comment is in the one that appears on the bottom for the obvious stupid people who are commenting and anti-animals.

  • No one here said anything about hating animals, unless you count the human animal haters.

  • I love my cat more than any person. Cats rule, humans suck! Look at the first comment for further proof.

  • Yours is the first comment

  • Then you suck too

  • Then kill yourself

  • I get really tired of hearing this type of thing, it's really not uncommon today with animal lovers. The VERY common thinking goes this way; animals are superior and loving to humans because horrible human beings hurt others but not animals, not a pet cat! Well, do you think all the humans attacked by those precious animals feel the same way? Animals are not all soft and cute and furry, they also attack! Cats toy sadistically with mice before killing them. DEAL WITH IT! But wait....mice aren't as cute as cats right? Wake the f*** up and think for yourself. All life is precious....or maybe you wish you were aborted?

  • TFB, princess. Yes, animals are capable of attacking and killing-- they're much better suited for it than we useless naked primates are, after all. If they attack something (like a human) so much bigger than them, there's probably a reason for it. Humans do far worse and often for no reason, or because they need to feel powerful or something lame like that.

    Also, while there are too many unwanted cats and dogs existing today, that goes triple for humans. Too bad routine spaying and neutering doesn't happen more often there. Like Bill Hicks said, we're a cancer with shoes.

  • ^YES!!^

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