Love big breasted women

Every time i see women with big t*** i need to w*** off and for the last 8 months my attention has been for my nan who's t*** are 40dd for a woman in her 50's she has a great body and knows how to show it off especially when she's wearing her dresses and her cleavage is on show i would go and spend time at her house whenever she is out and be naked and snoop through her underwear my nan would make things hard for me because she started hugging me she would pull me my face to her t*** i did think that she knew but why would she and didn't think of that again and recently out of nowhere she asked have i started masturbating i tried to lie telling her no im 14 she laughed and said bullshit then how come i had a big c** stain on my bed then i panicked and said ok i have just don't tell anyone and my mum came in the room i was scared she was going to say something and she started talking with my mum i thought here it comes but no nothing she said im off now and he said he would walk me home i f****** didn't but i went along with it that 10 minute walk with her was all about me wanking off and yeah i had a b**** by the time we got to her door and i couldn't wait to get away but she wanted me inside to chat she said i was in her living room and she went upstairs she came back down i noticed her bra was showing it was a black lace one she then asked so how do you do it do you drop your pants and m********* and i told her no i get undressed and walk round naked and she said get undressed then go on ive kept it secret about the c** stain and i will keep this secret nervously i got undressed and asked her what now and that's when she slipped her dress off and was wearing stockings and suspenders with her black lace underwear she looked hot she tells me to touch her t*** and i couldn't wait to i was getting a good fill and i c** the first landed just above her knickers and the rest down her leg and on to her carpet she said i shouldn't worry im young and it will soon be hard again just you wait and grabbed my d*** and was wanking me that was the first time someone else had touched it she said see you're ready again and tells me you like t*** so i want you to c** over mine and takes her bra off and sits down in her chair that was right in front of her window and holds my c*** again and wanked me off i was looking out making sure no one seen and she told me to focus on her it might of been 2or3 minutes then i pushed my c*** towards her and came she's wanking me and saying that's it you dirty boy my legs were shocking after and her chest was covered in c** and she started rubbing it in over her t*** look what you done you made a mess and chuckled softly to me you filthy boy i bet you never thought you would be getting wanked off and blasting my t*** when you woke up this morning did you and then licked her finger and looked at me popped it out of her mouth and said that's tasty come here i can see a little bit more and grabbed my d*** and licked the bit of c** off she knew i liked it she called me a h**** boy and said f****** h*** kid what would your mother say if she could see us now i wasn't thinking of doing anything else apart from spunking on her t*** again when she lets go of my c*** slides forward lifted her legs up in the air and same time removes her knickers up to her ankles and got to see my first real p**** and it was shaved too she asked me to take her knickers off and when i did that she spreaded her legs wide open and put a two fingers in and was telling me she wanted me to put my d*** in i tried to get down and do it but she could see i found it hard with her in the chair and she moved on to her sofa with her legs open and i was on her in a flash i remember it being so warm i didn't care how good i was i was having s** for the first time i do remember her trying to tell me to slow down but that wasn't going to happen the feeling was to good when i did c** i was f***** i was knelt down her legs was either side of me my c*** was now soft and just hanging down and my c** was coming out of her she looked at me and asked are you ok baby did you enjoy yourself looks like you did you better get home before your mother asks why you were so long as i was getting dressed she was still on her sofa and she said i was grunting loud but you was a good boy it was just what granny needed and was looking at me looking all sexy and i got a b**** again and she laughed and said f*** me that didn't take long if you can manage it again come on then i nearly fell over taking my boxer shorts off i was on her in a flash f****** away and she was different this time she was calling me names f*** me you filthy b****** im your granny this is incest you dirty boy come on give it to me you're f****** grans p**** you're such a filthy boy and granny needs your c** come on baby give it to me and ive never c** like that before my whole body was shacking this time i did leave and what i thought she said was practice makes perfect but i was thinking we get to do all that again and she is right.

Sep 1, 2021

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