I love hairy women

I love when women have pubes as long or longer than my little d***, drives me wild when they tease me! One hairy girl I f*** (when she's bored) deliberately pulls away I'm about to c** so I cover her pubes in my j***. She then holds my head down until I've cleaned her hairy p****.

Ironically she likes me completely shaved and smooth so it looks like I have a tiny kid d*** to other girls.

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  • Same here. My wife is hairy as f***, but insisted that I present to her as a prepubescent boy.

    She didn't mean shaved either, she meant actually hairless. She had my pubic hair totally removed by electrolysis to make sure of it. Not a single hair has ever grown back, which is exactly what she intended. She has all pubic hair, I have none.

    It took some getting used to, but I like it now.

  • I have a hairy one if you ever need pleasure ;)

  • I always need pleasure if you'll humiliate me

  • I'm the same

  • We can have a threesome with above?

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