I'm not happy here anymore.

There's days where I love my husband. I really wish I would have listened to my mom when she told me not to get married.. This just isn't working as good as it used to and I'm so tired of it. We're not sleeping together tonight & I really wish he'd just come in the room and tell me to come back to bed and just cuddle me and love on me-- but he doesn't.

He doesn't do a lot of things he used to. We're just getting more and more frustrated with each other. When I'm mad at him I think of another one I would like to vent to but I don't talk to that person anymore and it sucks.

I'm pregnant and unsure about my future with my husband.

& it sucks. So bad

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  • Sounds like me and my wife in reverse.

    Try to communicate. He can't read your mind so you need to tell him what your wanting. Gently and he needs to tell you what he is doing and feeling. Maybe he's cheating. Ask.

  • No problem will ever get sold unless you talk to one another. As much as you want him to read your mind to do something, you have to him what you need. Counseling would be an excellent first step as suggested below. Relationships are works in progress. They change all the time. You and your husband need some vital tools to keep this relationship together. And with a baby coming, you need to do this fast.

  • Go seek marriage counseling for you both, I'm sure those kinds of issues can be fixed.. since you guys have a baby coming along. Try and make it work, it's for the better.

  • Try hard to fix it. Like honestly truly try, and if it can't be fixed release each other to find happiness. Share custody. Don't put the child in the middle. Don't fight over stupid things. Just let each other go to be happy.

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