Boot To The Face

I want to hurt people. Physically. I don't want to kill them or anything, it's just some people need to be punched in the f****** head

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  • Look, I feel the same way about you

  • i know exactly what you mean. i go to a high school that's in the top 10% in the entire country, and everyone is SO G****** STUPID! seriously, i'm not even that smart but everyone around me is so unintelligent that it's painful to watch.

    i would HATE to see how the actual bad high schools are... ugh.

  • Second commentor here -
    Yeah, I guess I'd take a shot every once in a while like anybody else, but unfortunately, I'm surrounded by a bunch of brain dead dumbasses. Sometimes, I wonder how they even remember to take the next breath. Sure would be fun to kick a few heads in legally.

  • i have those feelings too, i work as a cashier and what i hate is when women come in , and they are so f****** disrespectful , that i wish i could just lock the door or open the glass and smack the s*** out of them , and have them apologize for their disrespect....i also wish that i could carry a gun , and with some of these street , latent homosexual , black thugs , i could do a Hannibal Lechter on them. i have been to jail with some of these guys , and they are such p****** when they feel someone is a loose cannon....thanks for your honesty...i was not going to post again because i thought , all my feelings were out , but i need this .......btw, to some of the posters, why do you try to be so sage by qualifying , that you would never act on it?...although i hope you don't you don't have to persuade yourself or any one that you are a good guy....

  • OP here, the law is an interesting idea, but really, hurting people is unrealistic in the sense of the law. I sincerely hope karma is true for these people though. what i am talking about though is not just stupid people. it is people who are arrogant, people who treat people like s***, people who think they are better than everyone. sure everyone wants to knock out a dumb dude, but i really want to bring those others down a notch or three

  • ^^^So how many times a day do you think you will be smacked in the face. Then it's a bad law. It's ok until you are the one somebody thought did some thing stupid and comes up and jack slaps the crap out of you.

  • Same here! My thing is, it should be a law that you can smack the s*** out of stupid people. Every time they do or say something stupid... POW ! ! ! Right in the face!

  • omg i feel the same way, like i get sudden urges to hit someone or to just know what it would feel like to be holding the knife as it went into someones arm...luckily i have never acted on this

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