I can't handle it

I can't handle people in my own family talking ** about my mother behind her back. she is one of the strongest, most amazing women I've ever known and I love her so much. it kills me to hear my brother and his wife or even my dad tear her down and complain about her slightly annoying habits. why are they so mean to her? she does everything for all of us. when I think about it at night, I cry because it upsets me so much. I'm a coward and I can't bring myself to tell them to shut up and stop being **.

Next Confession

I watched my wifes friend

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  • They pick on her because they are the unhappy ones, and weak. You don't need to stand up to them, your mother raised you right because you recognize right from wrong. You are all the love she needs xo

  • That's true I agree.

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