I watched my wifes friend

Last weekend my wife and I shared a hotel room with another couple, We had gone to a lake about three hours from our home and had booked a two bedroom cabin but when we arrived were told that the cabin had been double booked and the people who were already in it wouldn't be leaving until the next morning.
We decided it wasn't worth it to drive home and back the next day and the resort was able to get us a double room for the night, We all bunked up and went for supper then sat in the lounge until closing, We went back to the room and changed then crawled into bed, I was laying in bed awake as my wife lightly snored thinking the other couple was asleep, I rolled over facing their bed and had my eyes closed but soon heard whispering, It was my wifes friend putting up a protest to her husbands advances.
I could hear her saying "Stop it, No, Get your fingers out of there" and so on, He was quietly trying to talk her into it and I opened my eyes, The room was dark but as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see them a little bit from the small amount of light coming in the window.
She soon stopped fighting him off and I could hear her breathing heavily, I watched as she sneakily slipped her underwear off and balled them up putting them under her pillow, She was laying on her back and had her legs spread with one knee sticking out from under the blankets, I could see his hands moving under the blankets by her waist as she closed her eyes and laid her head back, She is quite pretty, Blonde and slim with small b**** and a chubby bum.
my wifes friend and her husband continued fooling around until he rolled her over to face me and I watched her face as he slid in her from behind, She had her eyes closed and I watched as he slid the blankets down to her waist and slipped his hand under her shirt, He continued slowly f****** her while squeezing her little b**** under her shirt, He worked her shirt up and eventually exposed her little b****, They are small but nice with little pink nipples, He worked it up over her head and she let him take it off completely.
After a few seconds she rolled over turning her bum toward me, she rolled him onto his back and pulled the sheet up to her shoulders then crawled on top of him, She started riding him and soon the blankets fell to her waist, I watched for a few minutes as she rode him with her little b**** jiggling, He rolled her onto her back and slid deep into her, He pounded her as quiet as possible for a minute or two then pulled out and scrambled up, straddling her chest, I could see that she was shaved bald, She lifted her head and he stayed back just far enough that she couldn't put it in her mouth, I watched as he stroked himself and she had her head lifted and her mouth open, He shot his load in her mouth then leaned forward and let her suck him until he was done.
He rolled off her and she got up, She was facing me and has a very nice looking p****, She bundled up her clothes and snuck to the bathroom, I watched as her bum jiggled while she snuck across the room and into the bathroom.
I looked over at her husband who was laying on the side of the bed closest to me, He never looked at me just extended his arm, Made a fist and laid there, I chuckled, Reached out my fist and we pounded fists then he chuckled and I rolled over.
The next morning my wife and I went for a walk by our selves and I told her what had happened the night before, She burst out laughing and said "No...really?", I just giggled and nodded my head, My wife looked around then looked at me and said "Could you see her?", I told her I saw everything and she said "Does she look good?", I told her "Not as good as you" and she laughed punching me in the arm.
Over all a very sexy girl to watch getting pounded.

Jul 16, 2016

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