ok, im sorry to dissapoint people who thought this was some juicy confession, cuz its not. But it is something that ive been having trouble with and that im pretty depressed about. Im a normal teenage girl, im in high school, and as always theres this guy i like. He's new this year and guess what...he likes me back!!! We had been dating since the beginning of the school year and now his parents are telling him that they might make him move back to the town he came from. I really like him, like i had no idea that u could like someone so much having only known them since the beginning of the school year and im not sure im gonna be able to get over it if he moves. Its really upsetting and for the people reading this it probably doesnt sound all that "heartbreaking" or whatever but trust me, it is. He told me that untill he knows for sure if he's going to move back or not that we should stay friends because he doesnt want to get too attached and have his heart broken when he moves. Im really depressed about it and i dont know what to do. Im aware that theres really nothing i can do untill i figure out whether or not he's moving and at the moment im pretty much stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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  • First love is the hardest. I've been there. When I was in highschool, I was the one who moved away. I did long distance and tried everything.... it faded naturally but it took me ages to really get over my boyfriend. It was a long and painful process. There really is nothing you can do, over time, things will sort themselves out. In the mean time, try to take advantage of the moments together. Good luck!

  • That sounds pretty heartbreaking to me. I hope that everything works out between you two.

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