I Love Him

I met him last year. We were great together, but I just did not want to be with him at that time. It was that time of my life I did not wish to be in a relationship. I hurt him a lot. I always talked about other guys in front of him. I have probably made him cry. And now I met another guy who was such an a****** I realize what I have lost. I really like the first guy, but I dont know how to say it to him. He probably doesnt like me anymore, but I really like him a lot. Even if he doesnt like me, its fine, I will take it as a lesson learned, but I just want to apologise for everything I have done. I have hurt him many times I know. This has changed me a lot. I just want to say sorry, but I really dont know how. Please help me :'(

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  • this goes too to a so called XFF of mine.. she did the exactly.. & I believe who so ever does this .. they are not sincere .. & is/are just using the other person by gaining sympathy.. do not get trapped into this..

  • This happened to me. I hate the girl who did this to me soo mucho.try talking to him it might work

  • I would bet if you showed him this very post- at least he will know and then you can ask.

  • just go to him and say sorry and realize him for ur true feelings

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