I am still going to end my school

I am going to finish what i said i would do. i said i would kill the people at the cafteria at my school (silent hills for people who know where it is, it is not silent hills but its a code word) but then when my mom brought me to school they told us to leave. she took her anger out on me and it is annoying and mean. people reported it and now i am scared because cops will get me, but i will shoot people before that happens. my mom doesnt even know i still have the gun in my backpack and i will shoot if people try to check my backpack i dont care if school keeps shutting down. if i cant get into school friday i will just shoot myself or my mom i will figure it out then. my gpa doesnt mean s*** now, im not gona go to college if im dead or if i shoot people so it doesnt matter to me



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  • I see this has been reported. Funny how these weirdos are just fine with four or five consecutive fantasies about licking toddler poon but freak the f*** out over a real-world issue. That's why society is so messed up and would benefit from a good hard purge or two.

  • Relax bro

  • Good. The human species could use some culling. You do your thing, let the coronavirus do its thing, and maybe this summer will cleanse a few more morons from this ailing planet too!

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