My friend's mom and teacher

That I am a senior in high school and I have perved and spied on my friend's mom several times. She is also our English teacher.

She is a larger girl with 38D b****** and wears size 15 panties (numbers taken from her under wear found in their hamper) beat of all she is an Asian woman. I fine big girls attractive, so are Asians. She is both!

For the longest I would just dream of f****** her, or using her. I've gone through her hamper many times and I know her scent and taste very well now.

Not too long ago they had a break in in their apartment. So now she had a tech company install security cameras in almost all rooms. Being a computer geek, she asked me to help her setup the online video monitoring system allowing her to look through the cameras using any web browser. Once setup, I kept all the codes.

I've since watched her in her bedroom get fully nude while changing in full HD video many times. Each time recording the whole thing. I've jerked it so many times to her.

More recently I watched her get completely naked and fully spread out on the bed and use a vibrator to get off! It was so hot, I was able to zoom in a tad (the zoom is limited) and get a semi close up of her stuffing her very hairy Asian v*****. The best video I have though is one where my friend was sent to stay with his father for a few weeks. She took full advantage!

One evening she was watching something on tv. I could see what it was from the angle of the camera but what ever it was turned her in big time. She left the room, went to her bedroom and got her s** toys. Went to the couch in the living room, stripped. She completely shocked me when she pulled out a plug for her butt and paired a generous amount of lube in it. She bent herself over the couch, spread open her large cheeks with one hand and stuck it into her ass! She then turned around payed back in the couch spread her legs wide and took out this enormous d**** and shoved this massive thick thing into her p****! She f***** herself very hard and fast I could tell she was screaming (I can't figure out the damn audio for the camera!) when she came I noticed how much juice came out of her and got all over the couch. She payed there breath heaving large d**** still planted into her p****.

I had the nerve to call her just there and then. I watched as she pulled out the large d**** out of her p****. Got up and made her way to the phone.

"Hi Mrs. [name withheld] is John there?"
My c*** was throbbing as I talked to her and I watched on the camera live. As she explained that her son was with his father I watched as she pulled out the b******* from her ass! I even heard a smell whimper from her in the middle of her sentence. Over the course of a few weeks I watched and recorded her using those s** toys in various positions, almost every time she was watching something on TV. It was only one night did she watch on her TV in her bedroom did I get a good angle as to what she was watching.

She watches p*** videos her and her ex-husband recorded when they were together. But oh not normal p***, apparently they used to have threesomes! Other men would come in and they all would have s**! One of those men looked just like our principal!

Since her son came back she has been tame. And now that she has taken up being a summer school teacher, she doesn't lounge around in her room nude as much. Though I did find out sometimes when she goes to teach her class she doesn't wear panties.

I have since taken al those HD videos and turned some of them into pictures and have been spreading them all over the Internet. Gets me hard knowing others might recognize her. I'm so tempted to give out her real name and address with those nude photos/videos. I'm also tempted to try to blackmail her into having s** with me, what do you think?

Jul 17, 2016

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  • You should go over to her place when she is using her s** toys and just knock and if she doesn't answer keep knocking till she does. When she answers the door have your c*** out. i'm sure you'll get her full attention!!!

    Send me some pix

  • Where can someone see these pics

  • Would love for you to share those beautiful videos

  • You are awesome!

  • Msg me on

  • Can u pls email them to me

  • Please send them to me

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