My Mother Busted Me

Yesterday I was enjoying my Spring break, I have the entire house to myself. Which means my mother's clothes are just waiting for me to wear them. I have been wearing my mother's clothes since I was 10. I have had a few close calls but never been caught. Beside wearing them I love to smell her panties also. In the past few months I have been licking her d**** and inserting it in me too. Well yesterday no sooner then she drove off I headed to her bedroom. I found her soiled panties from last night in the hamper, they were still a bit moist and the smell was pure heaven. I took off my shorts and slipped into a clean pair of panties, her sexy black lace bra 42C from her drawer, pulled her thigh high stockings from her pantyhose drawer. The headed to her closet i pulled this sexy sun dress with all these flowers. I slipped in on and found her white open toe sandals. Back to bathroom pulled out her nail polish and did my toes and finger nails. Then started on the makeup. By now it was round 11 and I was complete;y done. Back to her closet and yanked down the box with a blond shoulder length wig. As I pulled on the wig and looked in the mirror in the bathroom I was in love with the myself looking back. I was a copy om mother. I walked out to the patio, hearing the sandals on the wood floor was so sexy. I went outside and spun around so the dress flared up. I laid out on the lunge chair allowing the sun to warm me, well I remembered the soiled panties I left on the bed. I went back in and headed to her room, I picked up the panties and inhaled deeply. I got hard fast, I went to her nightstand and pulled out the d****. I pulled the panties i was wearing to one side and worked the d**** into me then turned over so i had my ass straight up. I placed her soiled panties in front of me so my face was in them. I reached around and started to pump myself and had my face buried in the crotch of the panties. I used my free hand to start stroking. I was feeling the buildup so I flipped over, let go of the d**** grabbed the panties and wrapped them around my hard-on and started to fill them with my sperm, that is when I looked over to the corner of the room where a dressing chair was located and there sat my mother watching me. She had come home for lunch, she had this face of being upset but no words were being said. She finally said that that out out of you and meet me in the living room as you are please. When I walked out she asked are you wanting to be a woman. Then I heard myself say the words yes I do more than anything. the questions started after that, how long, who knew, what had i done and with whom? So I told her the truth since I was 10, but that I had feeling before that. That I had worn her sisters clothes, and some from apartments complex laundry rooms. Then I admitted to loving her panties and how she smelled. I admitted to giving some BJs to strangers at a park. And one had taken me home and he had s** with me. She asked me if I had been with any girls? I said no. She sat quietly for about 2 minutes then she said wait here. I sat on the sofa then she walked out and was completely naked. You say you like my smell well only women have that scent. She took my hand and lead me to her bedroom. She laid down on her back and opened her legs wide, then told me here smell me. She was hairy but I could see her inner pink folds. She said keep the dress on, so I climbed on the bed at foot and leaned into her. As my nose reached her hair the scent was clearly there and I was loving it. She told me spread my hair and lick me, which I did. It tasted salty but good. She got really wet, she pulled me up and kissed me, then she lowered herself and raised up the dress and pulled the panties down, she wasted no time taking me into her mouth. Dam she better than that one guy who sucked me. Before i could c** she climbed up and impaled herself on me, she started to grind up an down and side to side.. It was more than I could take and I blew into her. She bent forward and kissed me hard. When she broke the kiss she looked into my face and asked still want to be a woman? Not knowing what to say to be honest, I pushed her off to her back and said i don't know. She pulled me down and pushed my face down to her honey hole and said then here lick it now. I licked her and got my own c** with hers and it was wonderful. She moaned, and she said well you can be both. So the future will be different then I expected it to be.

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