So . . . what happens now?

My wife and I went to a July 4th party at the home of one of her bosses from her work. While we were there she introduced me to a guy she works with -- really just a boy, 19 -- who is gay. We separated after the introduction but he kept checking me out and smiling. Finally, after my wife went to talk to some other people and I was standing by myself, the boy came over to me and said "When I look at you it's like I can actually taste your c** in my mouth and I can actually feel your c*** sliding in and out of my a******". I've had gays come on to me before but I was never interested in that and never got with any of them. But with this young boy it felt completely different. He asked me to come into the house with him and let him give me a BJ. I resisted but he kept telling me how hard he wanted me and I found myself getting erect.....against my will. He looked down and noticed that I was super aroused and he said "If I make it belongs to me" and cupped his hand over my c*** through my pants. So we went into a bathroom at the back of the house and he gave me the best head of my life. Since then I've been to his apartment like six times and every time we make love it's better than the time before. He wants more and more and more and more every day and I can't get enough of him. I've never thought I could possibly be gay but there's something about this boy that confuses me about all that. I already feel myself losing interest in my wife and thinking only about this boy and his amazing body.

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  • When he says things like "I'm going to blow up your marriage", that should make you want to run away. So, why aren't you running away?

  • Gay men convert straight men all the time, every day. But they get extra credit if they bust up a hetero marriage at the same time. So they love doing that. Watch out now!

  • The boy is perverted, which probably means he's dirty, which probably means he's already given you an STD or two you'll never rid yourself of. Enjoy your life and slow death.

  • When he treats your wife to the sight of him drilling your ass with that massive tool he's got, you're not going to take this so lightly.

  • Now, I'm jealous. I wish this boy was doing ME.

  • I can understand. If he was doing you, you'd be happier than you've ever been in your entire life.

  • This kid is givin' you a f*****' in more ways than one, bro.

  • It's already too late. You're in the trap and the boy has no reason or incentive to let you go.

  • ^ true ^. even if you leave him all he has to do is show up at your office walk around behind your desk unzip his pants pull out his d*** and your back together again. he knows how to work you and he knows that you have to have the d*** now.

  • I really have no intention of letting go of him. I feel like he's the best thing that has ever happened to me. You really cannot imagine all the love. He's amazing.

  • He's working you. You need to get away from him.

  • ....danger..........danger will robinson.........

  • I guess it's at least theoretically possible that the two of you are right, but I don't sense it. I don't feel like I'm in danger even though it's only been a very short time that he and I have been a couple. Everything so far has been pure beauty.

  • I don't mean to be negative but let me just tell you. Once this boy slips that k*** into your ass you are ruined. From that point forward your appetites will totally overtake you and you'll become a s**-crazed rabid f*****. Right now you say that you're not interested in other men but only in this boy you say you "love". However, once you've taken that magnificent d*** of his into your ass you'll be so hungry for meat that you won't ever again be able to limit your desires to just this child you've been having s** with. You'll start looking around for another partner, for other partners, for gangs, just wanting more and more and more and more and more and more c***. You'll never be able to get enough c***. If that's the life you want for yourself, that's fine. Just be aware of what's about to happen. You may say "well that won't benefit the boy so he won't do that to me" but it will benefit him because he'll still own you and yet he'll be able to ensnare more suckers just like you while renting you out to his "girlfriends". Fair warning.

  • He's slowly preparing me to begin taking him inside me. He says he needs to start stretching me out and teaching me how to receive a c*** the size of his (honest to f****** God: you can't even imagine how big he is), and so far he's taking it easy on me and there's been no pain, but he wants to enter me (he presses against me and I can feel myself opening to him) and God knows I want him there. I guess you could be right about eventually wanting other men, but all I can see is wanting more of him. More and more and more. I will probably want all of him, but I don't see myself wanting anybody else.

  • The boy is a fabulously hot piece of ass and very skilled and exciting, but he's not worth losing your wife and kids over. Go home and don't see him again. Long term, that will make you happier.

  • This may be. But unless the original poster knows much more than he does now, unless he has a clear plan, unless he is able to rally his wife to his side -- as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, he's a gonner.

    That guy needs to get back here and pay attention if he's to have a snowball's chance in h*** of not getting incinerated.

  • .....sorry dude.......the kid is in control case you didnt already know....

  • You think for now that you still have the ability to resist him or to tell him no or to keep the relationship causal and not let it go beyond something simple. But know this: once he penetrates you anally -- even with just the tip -- of that humungous and spectacular c*** of his, all that is gone. He really WILL "own" you. And your ass. He's not going to ask you to let him enter you.......he's just going to do it. And you won't be able to stop him.

  • I think you are probably exactly right: once he's gone in, I won't ever want him to pull out. Not ever. I long for that feeling.

  • He wants to ruin you so that you have no place to go for love but him.

  • Damn! This kid must be an AMAAAAAZING lover!!!!

  • He's going to start wanting to do you in your own bed where you sleep with your wife. That's when he's going to set you up so that your wife walks in while he's pounding you in the ass or you've got his c*** down your throat.

  • Actually, "s/he's" most likely planning something far more sophisticated. Here is the short version:

    'I would love to have a relationship with him where I was taking care of him completely so he could quit work and attend university. That remains to be seen...'

    Translation -- this is about money.

    This little b**** is a classic gold-digger looking for a sugar-daddy. Look past the man junk and behold ‘her’ inner woman. ‘Her’ access to his wallet necessitates the dissolution of this marriage. When it comes [as it will] the attack on his wife will be terrible. S/he will demean, embarrass, shame, humiliate and sexually mock her. S/he means to convince her that this marriage is finished, that it holds no future for her, and that she must leave now. Only THEN can s/he rob his wallet.

    The instant s/he springs the trap, everything changes. His wife out of the picture, s/he is his sole option. He divides his income between his ex and ‘her.’ S/he’ll b**** constantly for more. S** will change. It won’t be him doing ‘her.’ S/he’ll take his virgin butt [when s/he’s not with another poor soul] with a d*** that a horse would be proud to call its own. Gentle? Forget it! On Graduation Day, s/he matriculates debt free, drops sugar-daddy and move on. He has nothing.

    S/he said that s/he would explode this guy’s marriage. S/he’s right. And s/he means to.

    Can it work? Let him answer for himself: ‘…my wife will never be able to surpass his sexual skill or the ability to know me and please me, and that I’m losing interest in my wife. And my marriage. And my family.’

  • Since he sees my wife every day at work, I don't know everything he's saying to her, but I know he hasn't told her we're coupling. This boy conceivably could do something like what you describe, in terms of crushing her: he has that in his personality, but only if it's something that brings attention to himself or gives him power and control (he loves those two things). Otherwise, I don't foresee him doing anything like this.

  • I've heard about this type of situation on several occasions, and it even happened to one of my best friends (also with a very young and very hung boy). But ALL of those things happened over the course of 9-12 months. Months. This boy is taking you through it in a matter of days. He must be really exceptionally gifted. But that's not good news for you, because it seems unlikely you'll be able to avoid falling into his trap. As many others have said here, he's out to get you, and he may in fact already have you.

  • He hasn't tried to make me fall in love with him: that has just happened on its own, naturally, beautifully, wonderfully. Yes, he does seem to be moving really fast, but it's not like I have the ability to resist him. I don't see how anybody COULD resist him.........OR THAT C*** OF HIS!!!!!

  • You see him as ‘really a boy;’ so you’re significantly older. Yet he’s much more sexually experienced and seductive than your wife. His language is extremely sensual, evocative, erotic and masterful. He said: "when I look at you it's like I can actually taste your c** in my mouth and I can actually feel your c*** sliding in and out of my a******."

    One sentence combines sight, touch and taste with motion [“in and out,” sliding], implying climax [c**] without the word. He MAKES you visualize a specific act: your c**, my mouth, my a******. One sentence. He is keenly intelligent.

    YOU never suspected you’re gay; he saw your susceptibility immediately! Even before you had s**, he saw he can make you extremely aroused even against your will. Since then, you validated his insight many times over by returning to him many times! He knows it keeps getting better for you, that your wife can’t compete, that you’re losing interest in her.

    You say, ‘I could possibly be gay…confuses me…can’t get enough...thinking only about’ and ‘amazing body.’ He amazes you. His body? Great. And much better endowed? He knows you always wanted that. He’ll give you his. In the prime of life, if he finishes in YOUR mouth, it’ll be a flood. You’ll gag and be utterly amazed. It’ll be VERY powerful to you.

    In 2-3 weeks, he did this. He intends to take you over and over and over endlessly. And he’s just getting started. You’re in WAY over your head. He’s probably saving a GREAT move for when your wife wises up. He’ll take your d*** at the base and pull the skin to your body so that your underside becomes hyper-sensitive. He’ll use his teeth or nails on that. You’ll go off so hard you bray and bray like a donkey. You’ll come close to passing out. You’re wife will see it and it’s done.

    And you’re a hair’s breadth from it now. You’ve given him much power. If he confesses to your wife, it won’t be good.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I think he has you. What do you think?

  • It’s waaaaay beyond amazing that you know so much about my particular situation. It’s like you can read my thoughts and even that you can read the thoughts of my “boyfriend” (even though he insists that I call him that it’s hard for me to think of myself having a “boyfriend”). Yes, he is unbelievably sensual and sexual, and he TRULY is “masterful” as a lover: you picked exactly the right word. You are also obviously aware that I still hold his first words to me in my mind constantly: tasting my c**, feeling my c***, owning me. Owning me. And yes, your right about that too: he still uses that phrase, just like you said he would. More than that again you are right: the boy is utterly brilliant. He is working full-time with the company where my wife works and going to community college at night. I would love to have a relationship with him where I was taking care of him completely so he could quit work and attend university. That remains to be seen. But all of THIS has happened so fast.....anything is possible with this child.

    Your also right that he looked at me that first afternoon and right away knew we could and would be together (you have insights that are incredible!!). But what you said in the middle of your post was extraordinary: “He knows it keeps getting better for you, that your wife can’t compete, that you’re losing interest in her”. OMMFG!!!! He has said almost precisely those very words to me MULTIPLE times!! How could you know that? How could you???!?? He says he’s making a point of making me hungrier and more aroused and coming back to him more often, he knows my wife will never be able to surpass his sexual skill or the ability to know me and please me, and that I’m losing interest in my wife. And my marriage. And my family. [More below.]

  • His genital endowment is just as you described: beyond belief and beyond words. He’s not just hung, he’s huge. I’ve never seen anything like this in person, and only a few online. And when he’s fully erect the head of his c*** looks like a large fist. Somehow you knew that. Somehow you also knew that he has not yet been inside of me: so far, it’s just been me inside of him. I’ve had his c*** in my hand but that doesn’t count (so he says, and I agree). Somehow you also knew that he c*** like a f****** fire hose: “flood” doesn’t begin to describe the volume or the flow.

    Also, I have no interest in other men, so it’s not like I suddenly became gay: I only want him. And dare I say this? Dare I even think it? I love him. [More below.]

  • The scariest thing in what you said, and another thing you were totally correct about, is his inclusion of my wife in this growing mix. They have been friendly at work for a long time, and he has told her that he’s recently begun dating a married man and that he plans to blow up his marriage and take the guy for himself. She laughs and encourages him in his conquests and she’s doing that here too.....not knowing that the married man he’s been dating this time is her own husband. He won’t tell me what he has planned but what you suggest is certainly plausible and it fits his character: yes, he would want her to see us together as a last straw.

    I also think your right about the remainder, that all of this is close to coming to fruition and it’s not even been 3 weeks, and that he has incredible power, both in general and over me. And finally...... your right about my being in WAY over my head. I have thought all along that I was in control, after all......he’s only nineteen! NINETEEN!!!! But after reading your posts and watching this child maneuver and manipulate, and recognizing that he is as masterful as you say, I think it’s possible that he has ALL the control and all the power, and that I have none. And as a result, I think you may be right in your final thought: he already has me. That makes me feel lost and elated, all at the same time. He has me in some kind of spell. Thank you for your exceptional insights.

  • There are things I haven't through through yet. I've not figured out everything. But there's more. Plenty more. I can post here later, OR, you could post your private e-mail addy... Up to you. If you're interested in more correspondence. You decide. How's that for 'power?'

  • Having the exchange here would be better for me. I appreciate your input very much, and so far they have all pretty much been right on target. Thanks.........

  • I agree with the others: the boy intends to end your marriage and have you for himself alone.

  • You need to be very careful with this kid: he knows exactly what he's doing and he's very good at it. Like some of the other respondents indicated, he's out to take you from your wife and he's already doing, and will continue to do, everything within his power to accomplish that. Gay men -- especially the young ones -- just love married men, and the only thing they love more is destroying a marriage in order to get one. Be careful. The s** is wonderful, of course, but please just be careful.

  • He was right. He owns you now.

  • You're very insightful. Very much so. He uses that phrase every time we're together. And every time we talk on the phone or have phone s**.

  • "If I make it belongs to me."

    Interesting! I suspect that you believed him. I think that you felt that you were now obligated to let him finish what he started -- just as he said.

    Face it -- this kid knows how to get inside your head. You're discovering that he is better at s** than your wife. You're hooked. But he's going to get you TOTALLY addicted. THEN, he'll tell you that it is him or her.

    What will you do?

  • I totally, totally, TOTALLY agree with ^this^ commenter: this young boy has gotten himself inside your head and he's now going to do EVERYTHING possible to convert you. He's going to keep ratcheting up the sexual pressure and excitement until he's all you can think about . . . and until you cannot even remember your wife's name. Your every thought will be about his c*** and about making love with him. This is a typical approach for a gay man trying to persuade a straight man to switch sides, and your man is doing a WONDERFUL job of that. Like the commenter above said, your man won't admit that he's doing this -- he'll just say you turn him on and he wants more or whatever -- but he's devoted to making you gay and making you HIS: he wants you to be his property. So, I'll repeat the commenter's question, because it's the perfect one, and the critical one, and the only one that matters: "What will you do?"

  • I believe what this writer said about the ultimatum that your boy is soon going to give you. And I think it will be very soon. He's going to make you choose between him and your wife, and he's probably going to give you that ultimatum while you're inside his body, or he's inside yours. You won't be able to say "no" to him by that point. So you will enthusiastically and lovingly pick him over your wife and children. By that point, there won't even be a choice to make really: you'll simply be doing whatever this boy tells you to do and what your body demands that you do. You'll be doing whatever it takes, whatever it takes, to make him happy. For whatever reason, he has decided he wants you, and he will blow up your marriage to get it. You can be sure he knows what he wants, and even at 19, he knows how to get it. He's already getting it from you. He'll soon be getting more. And then soon thereafter, he'll have all of you. Love him. And let it happen.

  • Interesting. I've known some gay guys and they have never done anything to perpetuate negative stereotypes

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