At the age of 15 I used to m********* and was very h****. Once I was left with babysitting my neighbour's boy of one year. As there were no one at home I got myself nude and holding the small boy in my arms stood before the mirror. The boy was just playful, so I let him down catching his both arms and sat on the edge of a stool. I had an erection and I let the small fingers to catch my c***. He just wrapping his both palm on my c*** just started to suck it. The pleasure was great but at the peak height he just bit me by the foreskin and I had a loud ouch with four little bite mark on my foreskin socked with blood. For two three day I could not m********* till the wound got settled.



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  • He could have bit off your c*** head into two pieces

  • Lucky kid. You both had a hot experience !!

  • You deserve a blood eagle

  • Perve. I hope you get caught.

  • Serves you right, you piece of s***

  • Boys suck the best especially under 4

  • You should suck a shotgun.
    Pro tip, pulling the trigger while doing so will make you c**.

  • U need to die

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