I was excited to meet him but then...

I had been talking to this guy since last year and every time I'd chat with him, he would call me to his place, I wasn't comfortable with this so I was always said a No to him. My finals were on, and I had taken a break from every distraction. So as soon as my finals were over, I wished to meet someone and have s**, but nobody was there. So this guy texted me; I was very very happy when he did text, so we planned to meet in his apartment. This guy has got an amazing look, his eyes, his beard and every facial feature is awestruck. I was extremely excited to go to his place. After we went to his place, we just started getting into random conversations. Eventually, after a while, he kissed me, and we couldn't stop after that. We got into the foreplay act, as soon as I opened his pants, there it was. I was a tiny one, incredibly small; his height is something around 6'3, so I had a higher expectation from him, it was such a disappointment. I just wanted to leave the place and go away, but that would be rude so I had so played with his tiny thing and be sad. It was so small that I could hardly hold it. I had to pretend the whole time that I liked whatever he did, but I was disappointed.That's it we were done, and I left. Later at night he texted me and asked how was it, it was evident that I said it was good and s***, he told me to meet him again, but I'm never doing that again because the bigger, the better.

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  • Your common you know that.im sure your body not perfect aliitle over weight maybe smell like fish huh or maybe uneven b**** .yeah i can see that

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