This happened JUST a few seconds ago...

My dad walked in on me while i was using the bathroom. I am 17 years old, and absolutely mortified. Nobody has seen me nude since i was in diapers, not even my mother or boyfriend.

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  • I was bathing and after bath was drying my hair. Since the door of the bathroom had a hinches problem it was not properly closed. Since there was no sound of water as I was drying myself, my young sister who was 13 years of age (I was 22 years) just stepped in and I my head down while drying could not see some one at the door. As thoroughly dried my hair, she was googling my dangling c*** and standing there. Just as I raised my head and removed the towel she was cool enough to move inside the bath room and said came for the mug for some purpose and just left the bathroom. I was petrified and did not know what to do.

  • My 14-yo step-daughter will never lock the door, so anytime she's in there on the pot, and I just happen to go in - there she is; pooping, peeing, masturbating... whatever, lol. But she's playing a game; she enjoys showing off and competing for my attention, so she's always trying to arrange it so that I will accidentally find her in a compromising situation. Now the younger onelocks the door, but one time she forgot and I walked in there - OMG the shriek scared the crap out of me and was probably the closest I've come to having a heart attack. I got out of there so fast, so embarrassed.

  • ...but, when I walk in on the 14 yo, I'm in no hurry to leave.

  • My two young daughters walk around house naked and watch them masterbateing....

  • My daughters m********* in front off me...

  • Ive two daughters if you want hare some stories.......

  • My kids take too long in the shower another goes in or I go in. Squeal.

  • You're just modest, sweetheart. Though i do believe he should have knocked, you shouldn't feel so modified over something so trivial.

  • Like another poster said. Oh well. Everybody knows we all have private parts and if someone sees them-them who cares? I'm still sorry it happened because it had to be embarrassing. Make sure the damn door is locked next time.

  • I agree with you, but a lot of people care about who sees them naked. In her defense, any normal 17 year old girl would feel embarrassed about such a thing. Some people are just naturally modest.

  • You should have put this under random or funny tag. not really THAT embarrassing. but i still see where you're coming from

  • Sorry to hear that. If something like that happened to me I'd be just as embarrassed. And I'm a 36 year old woman.

  • Lol Don't be embarrassed, it happens.

  • Wow! Dad walks in on you in the buff. A moment later, your on this forum broadcasting this to the world...

    And people wonder why their posts are called 'faked.'


  • So its bad if she needs to get something off her chest? Isn't that what this website is for?

  • Oh well

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