oH GOD ...

my confession is that i wish god would hurt my ex wife , i wish he would do something for all the wrongs she has done and all the lies she has told. I wish that she would get the worse that he has in his arsenal of tricks , i don;t want her to feel good in this life , while at the same time i don't want her to spend an eternity in h***. i just want her to suffer for the evil she has done. and repent, and say she is sorry , i want to not only p*** on her grave i want to be her instrument of destruction. i want to see everything she has go ruin.....and then p*** on her too...and laugh and throw a big party , display her weakend and battered body to all the women that think it is cool that they lie and cheat...and steal children ....oh some of the things i think about scare me , i need to let it out....i want to see her disabled , and i would have to be her caretaker ........

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  • I understand it can be hard when their are children involved, but the above poster is correct. You are letting this b**** control your mind because all you can think about is how bad you want to see her fail. There is a point of acceptance that you must come to, and just know that karma is a b****.

  • she sounds crazy. let go of your hate for her though, it's hurting you more than her

  • is there any real need to understand? , well, just that she claims to be a christian but when a situation fits into her baser nature she will lie , like for instance during our divorce , she had our children at an ex's house , whom she claims raped , sodomized and beat her , when it came to light that our son was molested she lied about his whereabouts and in particular this same man caring for our children....

  • That's quite a bit of contempt. Is there any example of her behavior so we can understand your reasons more?

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