I urinate on my wife and belongings

My brother thinks i have issues but i dont maybe im entitled to spread my self around and mark my terrtory my wife know better than to speak against her husband i work she cleans i p*** everwher but not in toilet i get up in morning i p*** in cups pots vases even in her cats bowls i always give her some in coffee she knows to put cup out i p*** a bit in it i am the boss and i go to work i come home after work i p*** in the family dinner that all of us eat i do drinks too i have beer about 12 and i p*** in washing machine aand if she looks at me wrong she goes to bathroom into tub and i p*** in her mouth and over hair and body then she give me b******* and im good for the night my brother wants me to let up on her cuz she has bald spot on top of her head from my p*** hitting same spot for about 5 yrs now but shes beneath me she is My wife but i love her and am not stopping

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  • During the tail end of my awful marriage, I p***** on my ex-wife's garden every day (and told her), in the back seat of her car before she left for work one morning, and once in her travel coffee mug. Had nothing to do with a p*** fetish or control issues..I just got to hating her that much.

  • Not only do i have control but i also know how to spell & not everything i own smells like p*** you f***** urine smelling moron. how bout you do yourself, your poor p*** smelling wife & the world a favor & just put a bullet in your head.

  • First of all u just mad cuz u dont have control over you wife u f***** losryou jelus of me

  • You're a f****** idiot. go live in your p*** filled house with your p*** covered wife you f****** stupid j******. if this were even true there couldn't be a woman who would put up with that s*** & if it were my house i'd knoch your f***** p*** covered teeth down your p*** covered lying throat you f****** dip s***.

  • Wtf your so dirty may bj u

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