They know

My step children know that I p*** in their mom's mouth.

Feb 1

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  • I hope you're wrong, or making a stupid or sick joke. But anytime they raise it, if they ever do, YOU MUST DENY IT. I realize it CAN BE a very exciting and gratifying act of deep personal intimacy, but if the children are underage they should not know happens between you and their mother in any respect. Even if if they're out of high school, they still shouldn't get the details of the s** life you share with their mother, same as you wouldn't share the news with the neighbors, or with friends at work or church. Her children, again depending on age, SHOULD NOT be left with the impression that water-sports or scat is conventional sexuality. Not only might they try, they might assume it is a part of EVERY intimate relationship. Plus . . . (a) you can't know who they would tell; and (b) when you remove an act's taboo components, much of the thrill goes along with them. Clam up, Harvey!!! And deny, deny, deny!! Do it, and enjoy it, but don't ever talk about it. never!!

    And one final thing: if you aren't already drinking from HER fountain, ya gotta start!!!

  • They were in their teens and now in their 20s. It's all good. She's a submissive piece of fuckmeat.

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