This took place at my bachelor party a week before my wedding. There were a number of people there including some cousins, friends, and work mates. One of the guys I work with, who is a good looking black guy, asked me to come to the bathroom with him because he wanted to show me something.
We got in the bathroom and he locked the door. He then asked me where my fiancee was two nights ago and I said that she was with her bridesmaids making flowers for the wedding. He said that was only partly true. He said that after they finished with the flowers she came up to his apartment and he f***** her soon to be married p**** the rest of the night with this...he pulled down his shorts and showed me the biggest c*** I had ever seen. He then said that if I didn't believe him that he knew that my finacee had a heart shaped birthmark on the inside of her left thigh right up near her soon to be married p****. He said he liked the way she had her p**** shaved with just a touch of a landing strip leading to heaven. He said that she was the best f*** he has had in ages. She started out nice and tight but he was able to loosen her up.
I was in total shock because everything he said about the birthmark and her shaved p**** was true but the next thing he said really blew me away. He told me to get down on my knees and suck his c*** or he would go out to the party and tell everyone that he had f***** my fiancee two nights ago. I could not face everyone if he did that so I got down on my knees and began to suck his monster c***. He chuckled at me and told me that I should get some lessons from my fiancee because she sucked his c*** way better than I was.
He got out his phone and took some video and still pictures of me sucking his massive c***. When he came, he ordered me to swallow every drop and to lick his c*** clean. Then he told me that I was to go on with my life like this had never happened. I would get married next Saturday and never mention anything to anybody especially my wife to be.
He then told me to rember that he had these pictures of me sucking black c*** and he would not hesitate to show them to my friends and family if I didn't do what he asked. He said that he would ask me to suck his c*** from time to time and I would comply. Also he would be f****** my new bride from time to time and I must never interfere. He was pretty sure that after the f****** he gave her and the o****** that she had two nights ago that he would have no trouble getting is massive black c*** into her newly married p****. I was not to interfere and was to facilitate.
We got married six years ago and true to his word, this black guy has been a part of our lives ever since. I am actually his boss at work but he comes into my office and closes the door and I get on my knees and give him a b*******. Other times he tells me he need a couple of hours off to go to my house and f*** my wife. He says that she is still the best f****** lay he has ever had and that I am one lucky dude. I wonder.


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  • Just enjoy sucking that big c*** and use a nanny can n get a video of your wife taking the same c*** Jack when you watch it and remember what that big load tastes like

  • You shouldn't of gotten married you should leave her and who cares if those pictures and video get out it? He is literally raping you. Call the cops.

  • I would beat the s*** out of that a******. Don't care who he is.

  • He is bigger than me, but I had thought of getting a few guys together and taking him out, but he had warned me that he had copies of the videos and pictures in safe places with instructions in case anything happened to him. In the meantime I am getting callouses on my knees and a very sore jaw.

  • There are other ways to make his demise purely "accidental". Electrocution can be devised in a pure and honest way for one. Automobile brake malfunction can occur when we least expect it. You can find a way. Meantime file for divorce and move on with your life.

  • Oh man. That is cruel, but I don't blame you. I don't know how one could get out from under that without severe humiliation.

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