Shall i just do it the once more?

Ok hey guys iv confessed like a month or two ago, well im the "w****" who has confessed to f****** same group black guys i met years ago on bebo, and yes i am a cheating s*** as i have a bf, and yes some of you were right i did go back and f***** them quite a few times since but it has calmed down (even thou i got dped 5 times in one week)
i have calmed it down for a bf proposed to me the other week on holiday and i said yes! so im going to marry him and i just know this cant keep going on, (getting f***** by up to 5 black guys, in my own home!!!) so i have broke the news to them and they are cool with it hence why i havent seen them since,
however i did get messaged by them offering me one last big f*** session, up in london, in this seanky posh hotel, and they said i can have all 5 them and more if i wanted to, i asked how many could they get to join us (if i agreed) and they told me to just pick a number??? i know i should now be faithfull and do no more but another part me is saying finish all this with a massive bang! what should i do?

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  • The amount of them should be 15, good luck.

  • He deserves better.

  • Karma will get you

  • Well it seems i had better do it, anythoughs on what i should
    wear? and do?

  • Go with slutty leather, like leather skirt boots n jacket! black guys love white flesh in leather

  • Low cut top hair down make up skirt and high heels or boots

  • Send it out with a bang!

  • I too did something simular before i got married. had a guy on the side till my wedding day, never that many guys though, never cheated since and it got alot things out of my system before i got hitched, enjoy it and best of luck xxx

  • Yes proceed with it, enjoy yourself and enjoy the pleasure they give you

  • Whats ur name? i bet its something really slutty?

  • That would be telling, not even my black bulls know my real name

  • Come off whatever birthcontrol you are on and meet as many black bulls as you can! have them fill your white p**** with sperm and breed you! all ready for the wedding

  • A h**** thought...

  • Id say do it one last time, go wild and get everything outa your system!

  • Speaking as a woman who has done something simular, i repeately slept with a pair guys i used to work with, right up until the day before i got married, they knew the deal and the last time was one of the best, so my advice? do it and stick by it.

  • So after you got marryed you stayed faithfull?

  • Can we trade info

  • Such as?

  • Do it. Don't hold back. I feel 5 -6 is a good number. Keep us posted!

  • 5 is the most i have had before, wouldnt it be crazy if i had twice that?

  • Yes very crazy and very sexy. Love it keeps us up to date

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