Black Military Lover

My military husband was assigned to Germany and was a company commander. He had a handsome black first sergeant (Called him TOP). We gave a Christmas party for the officers and NCOs at our quarters. I was keeping the finger foods prepared and available. On a trip to the kitchen, Top followed me in, walked up behind me and put his arms around me and onto my breast. I just sort of stood there and ask him what he thought he was doing. He said that he liked what he was feeling. I sort of stuttered and said that I appreciated the compliment but I was married. He said that he was as well and would like to have a nice white woman. I told him that he needed to cool it. Later he followed me to the kitchen and this time pulled me to him and kissed me and rubbed his hard rod on me. I was instantly hot as h***.
I said I think you are trying to get into my panties, to which he responded that I was right. I told him that I wish it could happen.
Later my husband approached me and told me that he thought that Top was hot for me. I looked at him and mumbled something. I was surprised when he said he had watched us in the kitchen and wanted to know if Top made me h****. I sheepishly said that he did.
My husband told me that it was OK if I wanted to have a roll in the hay with Top. I could not believe it but I made up my mind that I would do it. I found Top and told him to meet me in the guest room down the hall in a few minutes. We got together and I had the best pounding I have ever had. For the next two years we met most Saturday nights with my husband’s approval. It has now been two years since we left Germany and I sure miss my good times with TOP.

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  • My husband is really a great guy. He has a really good job and takes care of me and the kids far better then most men. The one thing he can not take care of is my p****. He has a normal size c***. I only o***** with black men. My advise is to enjoy. I think black men have been put on this earth to keep white p**** happy.

  • I am from a area of Arizona that has very few blacks. So I never had s** with them. I married a guy that is in the Navy. Needless to say their are plenty of handsome black men in the Navy. The first time my husband went out on tour was the first time I had s** with a black man. Unbelivable the size of his c***. Now when hubbie goes out on tour I tell him I wish he didn't have leave me. Ten seconds later I am texting every bbc I know LOL.

  • Why didn't you let Top knock you up? Ask hubby if you can find another black guy around you since you so addicted now. Thanks for sharing n caring.

  • Idiot

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